How To Use A Messenger Marketing To Create Growth With Chatbots

With new innovation like Messenger and Conversational promoting, there is shame around beginning in light of the dread around change. Needs help? Call us today!

The New Opportunity

“We believe that Facebook Messenger Marketing will become the #1 marketing channel in the world.”

In 2019 we are so lucky to be in a position to have all the tech we could possibly want and need at our fingertips. Our team at Enable Digital have been working on showcasing and selling a product that is both powerful and new. It’s not often there is an opportunity to get ahead of the competition in the technology space. Facebook Messenger has over 1.3 Billion monthly active users, what that means for you? An opportunity. The best way to look at Messenger Marketing is that your audience is already on Facebook Messenger, you are just leveraging the platform to build your database and the ability to engage with them.

In 2016 Facebook released its Messenger API, and since then there have been many businesses launching platforms to harness the power of Messenger. We use Manychat, it’s an easy, cost-effective solution to building marketing flows that can help convert more business through a native platform (Messenger).

The real opportunity is what right in front of us. We have a technology that is only being used in small numbers currently with the trend line in an upward trajectory and predictions that in the next 4–6 years, Messenger Marketing will dominate the business world. So we see a massive opportunity to adopt this technology early. It’s as if Google Ads or Email Marketing were in its infancy stages, and boy doesn’t you wish you were using them in the beginning. As we have seen with Google Ads and Email Marketing, everyone is doing it, and it’s crowded which means you are less likely to be seen, or if you are being seen it’s costing you a lot more money than it should.

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With Facebook Messenger, you are decreasing your costs dramatically with using Facebook advertising to build and grow your audience on ManyChat

In this report, we will explore a number of key areas and give a basic overview of the advantages of using Messenger Marketing in your business.

We look at it like this, you have a couple of choices:

  1. You wait and see what happens
  2. Get stuck in now and reap the benefits of this technology

It’s up to you, though, and I know what I would choose.

The Advantages

  • Enjoy 80–95% open rates, in some cases, even as much as 100%. Compare this to email marketing which has 30% open rates and 2–3% click rates
  • 5–10 times for likely to purchase off you through conversational marketing
  • Messenger Marketing click-through rates are 40–70% which is 2–4x that of Email Marketing
  • 1.3 Billion people are using Messenger Marketing Monthly
  • People would rather text a business than call customer service

Why Use A Chatbot (Messenger Marketing)

User Experience — Being able to offer your customers better user experience and smooth experience when dealing with your business is going to help you increase open rate, click-through rates and then ultimately sales.

Engaging — Being able to have what is commonly known as “conversations” with your audience is a lot nicer than sending spam emails to them about your product. Being able to have real-time contact with your audience improves the engagement from your customers end.

Lowering Advertisement Investment — Who doesn’t want to save money on ads along the way. Advertising has become an expensive hobby for most businesses when using a growth tool such as Facebook Comments it allows users to comment on your update to receive an automatic message, this will then reduce your ad costs when you go to boost it from prior engagement.

Messenger is what email was — In the next couple of years, email is going to become obsolete, and our communication in our business will switch to a social platform such as Messenger.

Personal Touch — With Messenger Marketing it has a personal feeling to it, like when you message your contacts it has the feeling of one on one contact, which is a great way to build trust with your audience.

Saving Time — Chatbots and Messenger Marketing saves time, a lot of businesses say they want to speak to every enquiry personally, but it just makes for a large amount of admin which could otherwise be avoided. Chatbots don’t replace humans, they assist them by filtering out the non-relevant stuff or repetitive tasks.

Opportunity — It’s amazing that even just in this report, I won’t be able to cover anywhere near enough to cover the opportunity that Messenger Marketing has at the moment for all business sizes.

9 ways to use Chatbots / Messenger Marketing

  1. Customer Care / Customer Service

Using Facebook Messenger to automate incoming customer enquiries is a great way to filter out incoming enquiries. If you invest largely in people in your business to answer customer enquiries it is quite possible you will benefit from Messenger Marketing / ChatBots.

If we use the simple calculation that your business can only answer 20 customer enquiries per day based on being just one person through the use of automation you can answer 1000’s of people at once, and if their questions is something we cannot pre-register into the system then they can be connected automatically to the team to chat to live. It isn’t about replacing humans and jobs it’s about being more efficient and allowing you as a business to be there more for your customers when they need you.

2. Generating Leads

Messenger is a great way for your business to generate more leads online through Facebook. The ability to get them as leads isn’t any easier and still requires communication and marketing, however, being able to instantly qualify your leads has become something of an instant process.

Let’s say you’re a real estate business, you are selling a property for $500,000 in a suburb around about 20kms from a central city. You could run a targeted ad that looks at targeting people within this area, from here you can have a MESSAGE button or you can use the Comment growth tool which allows for potential leads to comment on a Facebook update for an automatic flow to be generated. Within this flow, you can ask questions, send details of the property as well as get personal details and maybe even a viewing.

As you can see this is one way you can use Messenger to generate more leads online through Facebook. It’s a tool that can be used in conjunction with your existing marketing plan as well, which is one of the major positives of this.

3. Bookings, Events and Registrations

Do you run a service-based business that requires people to book your time in slots, or register their interest for an event or a business-related activity that you are running? We see a big opportunity of salons, accountants, and professional services businesses to be allowing customers to book their appointments, schedule a call or even request a call back right from with their Messenger application. With Messenger Bots, it’s done, and right at your customer’s fingertips, what this means is that you are allowing your customer to continue an organic experience with your business. Think of it like this: Your customer is already on the application, you are allowing them to utilise a technology they already use every day. This is where the power of Chatbots becomes real, is when you allow people to have a seamless experience with your business.

4. Products and Services

Every business showcases a product or service and sometimes clear communication is the most important of a customer engagement with your business, being able to offer hassle-free information about your products and services, without having to visit your website or talk to someone is a great advantage to most consumers, we are constantly bombarded with information in our lives, self-paced, hassle-free communication is something that will win when it comes to your customers satisfaction. If you care about your customers, it pays to understand where the market is going with this.

5. Spreading Content

Got a new piece of content, product or promotion and want to distribute it to your audience, there are a few issues with native, an organic distribution that is giving businesses headaches.

  1. Facebook has changed its algorithm which means that it’s near impossible to get organic traffic to your Facebook page to view the content.
  2. Email Marketing is dying and nobody is actually reading emails. 20–30% open rates and 2–3% Click-through-rates.

We have an idea! Distribute your content, quickly, directly and personally through Messenger. If it’s a video, product or service or just a funny quote or meme. Send it with ease to the people who are interacting with your business. Why? Let’s crunch the numbers

  1. Instant delivery
  2. 80–99% open rates

3. 70–80% Click rates

It’s staggering the numbers for the reasons to get amongst this technology it’s allowing businesses better access to their customers, it builds a special relationship with your customers also.

6. Website engagement tools

Sometimes customers want to know more information about a product, or you want to get them to sign up to your mailing list. With this use of Growth tools, you can now give your customer instant ability to chat with your business through your website, no more integrations through 3rd party applications.

7. Tagging and Targeting

Some people who interact with your business are worth understanding and keeping them as “leads” through tagging you can give your leads/subscribers certain tags that will allow them to be identifiable and for the ease of being able to target them at a later time.

For example, let’s go back to our Real Estate example before. We have generated interest in the $500,000 property and 100 people have shown an interest, requested information or booked to see it. Depending on what action they take, it can trigger a certain tag. This will then allow you to segment your list. Now If you are still following me you will see what we can do with this segmented list. Let’s say a similar property comes up in the market, you can send a broadcast out to that segmented list telling them about it, furthermore, people who showed an interest in the house are now subscribed to your bot therefore you can target them with other properties you are selling or even just update them on viewing for that house.

As you can see from our example implemented properly there is an opportunity to build strong relationships and rapport with people at scale quickly all through automation.

8. Market research

If you are in a business that from time to time would want feedback from your customers, delivering a question to understand your market can be done easily and effectively on Facebook Messenger.

9. Competitions

The best way to recapture your audience on Facebook is to run a competition. Through the Facebook growth tool on the MessengerBot system, you can use the Facebook Comments tool which means when someone comments or comments a keyword in the comments it triggers an automatic message which then adds them to your list. The great thing is if you can get a following already established on Facebook its all organic and free to achieve.

Getting Started With Chatbots

With new technology like Messenger and Conversational marketing, there is a stigma around starting because of the fear around change. I wrote a really interesting article on The Future of Messenger Marketing in Australia, which outlines a series of interesting points, the data, predictions and the trendline is pointing to Messenger and it’s only a matter of time before it becomes a mainstream medium and is used in everybody’s marketing strategies.

The important part when starting is understanding the power of what Messenger can achieve and how you want to harness that power and put it into your business. For example, if you are an accountant, it might be your mission to generate new and retain existing business through a content series of monthly digests of relevant updates, as well as nurturing newcomers into exploring our services. Starting with a plan is important, a mission statement as you will… It will plant your feet firmly on the ground and allow you to clearly and concisely build the foundations of your Messenger systems.

In this section, we are briefly going to run through the cycle of getting started and the planning phases of launching and bot into your business.

The planning phase should look like this

  1. Mission Statement
  2. Customer Journey Plan
  3. Flow Plan
  4. Copywriting
  5. Building
  6. Testing
  7. Launch

Above is a basic list of in order of how you should explore and launch a Chatbot into your business. We have created a couple of tools to help clarify and for you to track your development.

Mission Statement

The Mission Statement for creating your bot or Messenger flows is something that we are Enable Digital feel is the fundamental importance behind any bot. Without a will, you won’t find a way. You need to define what the goal is and from there it’s about growing the vision.

Our Mission statement is

“Helping small to medium businesses dominate using chatbots”

Customer Journey Plan

Understanding the journey you want to take your customer’s to take is really important and is the first step to understanding what functions your Messenger bot requires.

Click here to get a list of things you need to think about when planning your journey.

Flow Plan

A flow plan can be created either by scribbling on a piece of paper or using the builder tool on ManyChat it allows you to see the steps that your lead or subscriber will take, It’s really important to know the outcome when a lead goes onto your bot. Are you wanting them to join your closed group, signup to email alerts, or take advantage of a walkthrough with your sales team?


Understanding microcopy and copywriting, in general, will be advantageous in your quest to dominate your messenger bot efforts. As your customer and leads interact with your bot it’s crucial that you give your bot a personality and make it fun for them.

Don’t know what Microcopy is? Click here


Building for strategy is really important to the success of your bot. Understanding the flow of information and how it is presented can make all the difference, start by understanding how to get your point across in an interesting way. Then frame it in a fun and interactive way.


Running tests, getting people in your close circle to test it and even run a few ads and promotional tests to see what feedback you can gather from your customers. The gateway to improvement is feedback and feedback is your best friend. Get ready for trial and error as it’s all part of the fun of Bot Building 101.


Launching your bot is exciting and is really important that you get right. After you have tested it all there is left to do is make it live for the world to use.

5 Tips to make your ChatBot Great

  1. Make it useful — A Chatbot can be useless… that’s the truth, you want it to be helpful, have a think about processes, questions or things that you do on a daily or weekly basis that your life would be better if they were done for you. That is how you can make it useful. Not every bot is useful to your customers, but its also about making your life easier and improving the customer experience at the same time.

2. Personality — We all know it’s a robot speaking through the ability of Artificial intelligence. However, for people to want to deal with it and enjoy using it, it needs to mimic human interaction by sounding like a human. This will help with engagement and people using the Bot to get information.

3. Don’t think of it as a chatbot. It’s not, it’s more than that. It’s a customer service platform, lead generation tool, content distribution platform. To you, it’s not about the labels of what they call it, but more with how your customers understand what it does, the wording is crucial when allowing your customers to understand what yours does.

4. Make it simple — There is nothing worse from a users point of view when they go to use your chatbot and it’s hard to navigate. Our suggestion is to keep things simple, straight forward and automate the most important thing first.

5. Test it and test it some more — Before launching a chatbot into your business, make sure you have tested your Messenger Bot to make sure it works how you want it to. It’s important when testing to keep your user in mind.


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