5 Vital Facebook Messenger Chatbots Marketing Tips

Facebook Messenger ChatbotsDo you use them for your digital marketing agency or your clients? You can promote your agency, or its content! In addition, chatbots are an excellent way to engage with your current and potential clients. Find out how with these 5 vital Chatbot Marketing tips.

Chatbots For A Digital Marketing Agency

Facebook Messenger bots (also known as chatbots) have become commonplace. Businesses of all types and sizes are using them for everything from answering questions to making sales on their Facebook pages.

As a savvy digital marketing agency owner, you should know about Facebook Messenger bots and how to use them for your own business, as well as for your clients.

First, let’s answer a simple question:

What Is a Facebook Messenger Bot?

Chatbots use artificial intelligence (AI) software programs that can be used to automate tasks and trained to learn from the responses they receive. The more a bot interacts with people, the better it gets at communicating with them.

Facebook Messenger introduced bots in 2016 and they’ve grown ever since. They give businesses a way to interact directly with customers on their Facebook pages. When you click on that “Send Message” button on the Facebook page of your favorite business, you may be interacting with a chatbot.

When you click on the “Get Started” button, or respond to a message, you’re opting in, just like you do when you give your email address to get a lead magnet.

From the business side of things, you should know that with Facebook, you do not get a subscriber’s email address. Facebook wants to keep users on their platform, so they don’t provide a way to contact subscribers off Facebook. You do get demographic information like name, gender, location, and age.

This can help you customize content delivery to different demographics so your potential clients are getting the information they’re looking for and you can build a better relationship with them through your Facebook Messenger bot.

Now that you know what chatbots do, here are 5 ways you can use them to promote your digital marketing agency and interact with current and potential clients.

Answer Basic Questions About Your Services

You can set up a Facebook Messenger bot to give potential customers information about the types of services you offer and the types of clients you work with. This can be anything from a simple FAQ list to an interactive discussion, based on what your potential client is looking for.

This chatbot from Russel Brunson gives me options to customize my experience, based on what I’m interested in receiving from him.

Facebook Messenger bots allow you to show images so you can use the system to show off your gallery of ads you’ve created for other customers when requested.

One of the things you should point out is that you set up this system for your own business and one of the services you offer is to set chatbots up for your clients. After all, the best way to demonstrate any product is to have a potential client interact with it themselves.

Promote Content to Your (or Your Client’s) Subscriber List

Did you write a blog post you want everyone on your Facebook Messenger subscriber list to know about? Is your agency offering a new Facebook-related service? Use your chatbot to tell them about it.

For example, check out this Messenger post from Andrew Warner about a test he ran.

You can do promotions for your clients too. Does your client have a special offer they want to promote to their most engaged customers? Send them an exclusive invitation via the Facebook Messenger bot you set up for them.

Connect with Current and Potential Clients at Events

Are you going to a trade show or event? Let your Facebook Messenger subscribers know you’re there and how to find you. Your chatbot can tell subscribers where to find you and when you’ll be there.

We let everyone on our list know that we were at Traffic and Conversion this spring.

Schedule an Appointment with Your Agency

There is no better way to engage someone who may be interested in hiring you to run Facebook ads than with a Facebook Messenger bot. You can tell them about your services and schedule them for a free Facebook ads audit, all in one place.

This is also an easy way for your current clients to schedule a monthly update call with you.

You can set your chatbot up to get everything from a potential client’s contact information to asking specific questions and giving answers so you’re both prepared for the call.

Connect with Current and Potential Clients on Your Website

On November 7th, 2017, Facebook announced that it was releasing a closed beta version of its Customer Chat Plugin.

This plugin will let you carry a conversation across different platforms without losing the thread. If you start a conversation with a potential client on your Facebook page and they contact you again via your website, the conversation history will carry over so you can pick up where you left off.

This feature isn’t currently available for everyone, but Facebook has set up a waiting list for when it is ready.

The Future of Facebook Messenger Bots

Judging by the volume of chatbots already in use, and the number of people interacting with them, this is an excellent way to engage with your current and potential clients. Plus, it’s an additional service your digital marketing agency can offer.

In the near future, you’ll be able to use our “Agency Funnels” to deliver our Instant Audit via your Facebook Messenger bot. Using a chatbot instead of email lets you start a conversation with a potential client faster and get them scheduled for a full free Facebook ads audit, as well as answer any questions they may have before the call.

We’re also creating a Facebook Live subscription function that will notify your subscribed users that you’re about to go live, via Messenger. This will drive more viewers to your Facebook Live, potentially gaining you more clients.

We’ll keep you updated on when these new features become available here on our blog.

How have you interacted with Facebook Messenger bots? Do you use them for your agency or your clients? Tell us about it in the comments.

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