5 Facebook Messenger Marketing Tactics You Should Use on Your Store


Generally, flag-bearer showcasing is digging in for the long haul. We have seen gigantic development for our customers and found that utilizing Facebook errand person is profoundly powerful for our customers. Making these kinds of drawing in discussions and genuinely associating with your group of spectators must be a need. The times of simply “purchase my stuff” are finished. On the off chance that we were talking 2 years prior that was an alternate story. However, at this point the field is progressively focused, fabricating a brand could really compare to ever. Those that grasp this will endure, and what better approach to associate at that point to have a real discussion with the general population that adoration what you do. Needs help? Call us today!

Why Facebook Messenger Is The Way Of The Future

There are a few questions I get from clients and people who get in contact with our company. Recently it seems they revolve around messenger marketing and messenger bots. “What is a messenger bot? Should I be doing messenger marketing? What strategies should we be using with Facebook messenger? And how do you build a messenger bot?
We have been seeing amazing results with the Facebook messenger in our client’s marketing campaigns. In this post, we are going to give you some tips on how to get your messenger marketing off to a great start.

Messenger Marketing Explained

For years marketing plans have been centered around email marketing as the go-to sales channel to engage customers. Don’t get me wrong, this has been a huge source of revenue over the years for our clients and still is. That being said, what if there was a better way? What if there was a way to engage your audience more and truly connect with them on a personal level? Well, there is and Facebook messenger marketing is that channel.

With messenger bots, you are able to create and segment highly engaged audiences. It allows you to contact your customers over Facebook anywhere in the customer journey. Messenger proving much more effective than email on its own.

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Here are some main benefits of how messenger is outperforming email:

1. Higher open rates than email

2. Higher click-through rates than email

3. Allows back and forth communication between your customer and your bot

4. Creates a more authentic conversation than an email

We have used some unique strategies in conjunction with an email to drive sales and recover people that probably would have been lost as soon as a year ago. For instance, abandoned cart messages and notifications have proved to drive more conversions then your standard abandon cart emails. Most eCommerce platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce have plugins that allow you to subscribe members to your messenger bot and send out notifications after they have abandoned the cart. Instead of these messages getting lost in the hundreds of emails people get every day, it is sent directly to their phone and they are prompted with a notification.

Why Should You Be Using Messenger Marketing?

The first thing that comes to mind when someone asks me this question is just look at the numbers. There are over 1.3 billion people using Facebook Messenger every single month. On top of that look at the trends. Facebook as a company is making a huge push on messenger. They are creating a desktop app for Mac and Windows, on Whatsapp, and have started to integrate Instagram messenger with Facebook and Whatsapp. Anytime Facebook is getting behind something in such a substantial way, we always take a look at why. Their goal is to create the best user experience for their customers. But they allow the data to speak to them. Obviously, if they are getting behind something like messenger, it should tell you that the data is telling them to do that, meaning that alone is good enough reason to be using messenger marketing.

The second thing that comes to mind is the conversion rates. We are seeing conversion rates 6 to 8 times greater in messenger than email. Recently we grew one of our supplement clients over 200% in just 5 months using Facebook ads and Facebook messenger bots.

The question is why are the conversion rates so much higher? It has to do with the authentic conversations you can have inside of messenger. The way you speak to people in your messenger campaign’s is much different than how you speak to someone in an email. When sending an email, it’s just not that person. Don’t get me wrong, you can fill in people’s names or segment your audience based on actions they have taken, but it doesn’t feel real to them on the other side. When someone is literally chatting with your bot on Facebook messenger, it’s more authentic. It allows our human instinct to do what we as humans were intended to do, connect. We have entered a different era of consumers right now. See we used to buy based on proximity, meaning what was closest to us. Then came the internet and most predominantly, Amazon. Free 2-day shipping changed the world and we entered an age of convenience. Most companies have followed suit and you can pretty much get anything you want whenever you want it. Now we have entered an age of identity. Meaning the brands that consumers identify and connect with are the ones they are going to buy from. Facebook Messenger allows you to do exactly that. Connect with your audience instead of just selling them and you will see tremendous growth.

Below Are 5 Ways You Can Use Messenger In Your Campaigns

1. Abandoned cart messages

When one of your subscribers adds a product to their cart and does not complete their purchase, you can set up highly targeted messages to send directly to them. These messages can be friendly reminders asking them to come back and complete their purchase. For a lot of our clients, we use Shop Message or Re Cart which are apps that can be directly installed on your store. Abandon cart messages can help businesses communicate in a different way than other companies out there.

2. Order detail messages

You are able to set up Facebook Messenger to send receipts to your clients after they have made a purchase. We have gotten great feedback from consumers saying that they were grateful for this because their entire order was easier to find than in their email box. This helps communication between you and your customers tremendously. They can message directly in their messenger to your store which creates better user experiences overall. Make sure you send out personal messages to people after they have purchased from you. Again, doing this through messenger will almost guarantee they see this message.

3. Customer chat

With Facebook messenger, you can greet people as soon as they hit your store. In brick and mortar stores this is essential. Imagine the experience of walking in a store and being greeted by someone immediately. Welcoming you into the store and letting you know that someone is there to help if they have any questions. Now imagine that experience in your online store. You can embed your Facebook messenger widget on any page you desire to welcome your customers to the store and letting them know you are here to help. This helps create that authentic and real experience with your brand. Starting the conversation is essential. If someone comes to your store and feels like there is someone there, that they are supported and that they can talk to someone if they have a question, they are more likely to buy from you.

4. Facebook Messenger ads

Most of your campaign choices inside of Facebook ads manager allow you to pick messenger as an option. As soon as someone clicks on your ad they can be prompted by a personalized message and different experience than going straight to your store. We have found this to be highly effective. Not only are we able to create that engaging conversation before asking someone to buy our products, but we have been able to achieve other goals in a shorter period of time using messenger. For one of our clients, we send traffic to messenger, have an 80% opt-in rate of emails, sign up people for a Facebook group and drive traffic to a website all in one flow that happens in less than 5 minutes. Get creative with your flows. We like to use Many Chat as our preferred platform for Facebook Messenger bots.

5. Subscription messages

We love using subscription messages to keep our audiences engaged with our content. These are non-promotional messages to send out to your subscribers. You can notify people of a Facebook Live, give them tips and tricks, announce a new blog post or have accountability messages sent up if your products warrant that. We have found this highly effective in increasing our customer lifetime value. When our audiences are engulfed and engaged with our content and part of our tribe, they will buy from us forever.

How To Implement Facebook Messenger In Your Business Today

There are a few ways you can start using Facebook messenger marketing in your business right away. Either build out a bot yourself from scratch but get ready for some long nights of coding. Secondly, you can find a platform that makes creating bots quite easy. There are a few bigger ones out there. ManyChat has really led the way with messenger but there are other great platforms out there that make it easy for anyone to build a messenger bot.


Overall messenger marketing is here to stay. We have seen tremendous growth for our clients and found that using Facebook messenger is highly effective for our clients. Creating these types of engaging conversations and truly connecting with your audience has to be a priority. The days of just “buy my stuff” are over. If we were talking 2 years ago that was a different story. But now that the field is more competitive, building a brand is more important than ever. Those that embrace this will survive, and what better way to connect then to have an actual conversation with the people that love what you do.


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