5 Ways To Double Your Income With Messenger Bots In The Next 30 Days


Normally a lead comes into your email autoresponder and you send them a trickle battle through the span of a couple of days with the expectation that they will purchase toward its finish, crossing every one of your fingers and toes.Not today. Indeed it is extraordinary to have an email autoresponder set up yet we can do as such much more.In the cutting edge advanced age, we need answers straight away and are more anxious than any other time in recent memory. Your clients need to work with responsive businesses.I am going to demonstrate to you a couple of ways you can wow your client with bots and reconciliations. Needs help? Call us today!

Before I show you the 5 ways to double your income with messenger bots in the next 30 days, I wanted to tackle this total myth that you have to be ‘techy’ to build messenger bots. You really don’t. When we are babies we don’t stop learning. We don’t stop trying and failing, we don’t stop because we have no fear. The only thing that is stopping you from building messenger bots right now is F.E.A.R (False.Evidence.Appearing.Real).All I ask from you is you try just one of these ideas and just take the first step. I promise you, you will get results. As someone once said to me, ‘education without implementation is just another form of entertainment’.So, without further ado, let’s get you rockin’ and rollin’ with messenger bots.

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And here are the 5 ways to double your income with messenger bots in the next 30 days.

1. The Giveaway Bot

We have all heard about giveaways in a number of different situations. From TV and newspapers to magazines and social media. But what if things were different? What if you could encourage people to share even more?

It’s called the ‘Snowball Effect’.

As your giveaway starts, you may struggle to gain entries if you have no audience. However, investing a small amount into facebook ads can give it the jumpstart it needs.

Be careful of asking people to tag their friends for more entries especially on the original post. This is a very grey area with Messenger. A better way is to do a ‘refer a friend process’ in Manychat. This means that when they enter they will be encouraged to share with their friends to get more entries. You can control all of this right inside Manychat.

We recently did this with a non profit organisation and generated $121,000 in 14 days for their event and only spent $150 on ads.

You are probably asking yourself the question, “where is the money in that?”
This is how it works:

Now we have a list of over 2500 people that didn’t cost anything to acquire. Think about how much it would cost you in Facebook ads or Google ads to get 2500 leads.

The great thing that happened as well is the video went viral and had over 39,000 views, 8000 comments, and almost 1000 shares.

Would that make a difference to your business if you had that kind of reach?

As you can see the giveaway is a great way of building a list.

Don’t want to spend money on ads to get started? Create leverage. Reach out to other people in your industry who have complementary products and services.

We did this with our Ecom brand last year with great success. Every business involved got to share the email list at the end (that was made clear when entering the giveaway). It also made us more of an authority in our industry as we could say we had partnered with some big names in the industry.

To do this some people would think it is really difficult but… here is the secret it’s really not. Just ask yourself the question what’s in it for them? Then send them email focused on the benefits for the other businesses. Then all you ask in return is that they send it out to their list as well.

Now you have a more irresistible offer and you have more influence by leveraging partners lists.

2. The Customer Service Bot

There are two sides to generating more profit. Making more revenue and reducing costs. One big cost as your business starts to grow is customer service. Especially if you are doing high volume such as E-commerce. This botis about saving money but also guiding people through to the sale and answering objections to make you more money as well.

Imagine having a receptionist who works for you 24/7, never asks for time off, always matches your brand standards, responds to your customers and potential customers concerns in seconds. That is what a messenger bot can do for you.

We hit a point in our E-commerce brand where we were getting around 200 messages on Facebook per day and we were a small team where my wife was handling the customer service. She was getting super stressed answering the same questions over and over again.

We weren’t keen on outsourcing customer service to India as we had a lot of focus on our brand perception. We could have taken on a full time customer service person but that would have cost us around $15,000 to $20,000. We would much rather have spent that money on marketing and growing the business.

We had to find another way. We decided to apply the 80/20 principle and I suggest you do the same.

You will get the occasional obscure question but 80% of the questions are roughly the same.

We took the most common questions:

  • What’s your shipping and returns policy?
  • How do I get samples?
  • How do I track my order?

We broke these down into buttons and guided people to where they needed to go.

In hindsight, we would now use gallery cards for this. It means you can have more than 3 options.

We also had the important button that said, ‘ask a question’.

The problem with facebook messenger is it is not the greatest CRM system. Meaning when you are receiving a high volume of messages you lose some of the customer questions and end up with unhappy customers.

Having automated 80% of the customer service, what do you do about the other 20%?

By using the ‘ask a question’ button, we would get notified instantly in our personal Messenger inbox whenever someone asked a question. Based on the question, we could choose how to respond.

The great thing about this approach is that you don’t have customers saying, ‘I know they have seen the message but haven’t replied — they are ignoring me’. It won’t be marked as seen until you go into your Messenger inbox.

Let’s imagine someone goes to your website or landing page and they look around but can’t find the answer to the question they are looking for. They see a support email they can send a message to or a ‘contact us’ form. But let’s be honest how many people fill those in? From my experience, not many.

Now imagine this for a second… A customer comes to your website and a messenger chat pops up asking them what they want to know more about, guiding them through the sales process and answering their objections right there on the site.

Taking it to another level, imagine if they could type their message to you and your bot would automatically understand what the customer needs and send the relevant response?

This is called ‘Natural Language Processing’ and is the future of artificial intelligence. If you want to learn more about that you can check out https://janis.ai/manychat and https://dialogflow.com/

We actually did this for a gym owner who had 3 gyms and had to turn his facebook ads off because he was overwhelmed by the customer support issues… By automating 80% of the customer service process, he was able to switch the ads on again without spending all day in his messenger inbox answering questions. His customers were all well looked after, without any extra effort from himself.

To recap…

How will a customer service bot help you double your income?

It will:

  • Save you $15,000 on a customer service person.
  • It will convert more conversations into customers in a timely manner.
  • It will increase customer satisfaction; Meaning you get more repeat buyers and a higher lifetime customer value.
  • It will free up your time to focus on growing your business.

3. Mini Courses Bots

We live in a world of giving value now. We can’t just sell on the front end all the time to cold traffic. There are a few more sharks in the ocean than there used to be and we need to stand out.

The best way to do this is by giving ongoing value. The biggest problem with free courses is people don’t take action on them. They give you their email and most people don’t even open them.

With messenger bots, this has changed. Imagine the impact on your business if instead of 2–3% of people going through your course, you had over 80% open your fifth message on your follow up?

Then when you transition to a next level training or offer at the end of the free course, your success rate is going to be 10 times higher.

You can create a check in system each day to make sure that they are on track and ask them whether they watched the previous day’s training and provide them with a replay option if they didn’t do it.

Bonus tip: Create a catch up day at the end of the course to make sure they have completed everything.

Messenger bots give you the ability to add value, get people to engage with your amazing content and ascend through the value ladder to your higher ticket offers without being spammy.

Marketing is a numbers game.

If you can get double the number of people to take action for the same ad cost then you can scale that to the moon.

4. Webinar Bot

This is probably the most exciting revolution in marketing. When you are doing a presentation and selling something for $997 or $1997 you want to make sure people turn up for the training.

So much money is wasted through poor converting landing pages and the show up rates are wasted even more by emails going into spam folders and people forgetting that they signed up.

We have needed a solution in the market for a long time and it’s finally here.

It is now possible to link your evergreen webinar with facebook messenger and have people register right in facebook. Sounds cool right? But, what are the results like and how does it work?

Firstly, the results.

One webinar we worked on went from:

40% optin rate to 80% using Facebook messenger

65% show up rate to 82% show up rate

On another webinar we took the show up rate from 12% to 84%

Imagine what that does for your business when you are getting more than double the amount of people to your webinar for the same cost.

How did we do it? Well, here is the whole process.

The cool thing is that we also wanted to integrate a deadline with the follow up sequence for authentic scarcity.

Another client challenged us to integrate an affiliate system into their webinar. This meant that their affiliates could now get just as high show up rates and click through rates with minimal effort

We all know, the easier we make it for affiliates to get our message out, the more they will promote for us.

The great thing is that we added in a full follow up sequence to Messenger with around 10% of people clicking through to the offer.

5. The Personalized Follow Up Bot (‘wowing’ the customer)

Usually a lead comes into your email autoresponder and you send them a drip campaign over the course of a few days in the hope that they will buy at the end of it, crossing all your fingers and toes.

Not today. Yes it is great to have an email autoresponder in place but we have the ability to do so much more.

In the modern digital age, we want answers straight away and are more impatient than ever. Your customers want to work with responsive businesses.

I am going to show you a few ways you can wow your customer with bots and integrations.


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