Artificial Intelligence Is Influencing Many Industries


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Artificial Intelligence is in full swing. Artificial Intelligence (AI) may seem like a science fiction story, but it is much closer than we think. In fact, AI is being incorporated into many industries, making it an everyday reality.

AI takes advantage of Big Data (a gigantic database), machine learning, natural language analysis, and other technologies.

Why you should Include A.I in your business’ mobile app.

Smart businesses are using A.I integrated into an app developed by a mobile app development company. These are some of the reasons to also consider A.I.

• The high volume of Big Data

Big Data is expanding at alarming rates. It has the power to make companies grow in all their areas. Companies are now adopting tools that use Big Data to evaluate information and develop new ideas.

Simply describing the result is why AI is used to mold the data into tangible ideas that are easy to understand.

• Lack of experience

Businesses spend a large sum to assign an analyst to different sections. Also, humans find it difficult to study large volumes of data at the speed that is needed. An app development company can help you with AI tools that will make up for human deficiencies.

• Dashboards are not enough

An analyst can only read information from one site at a time; the problem is when the data comes from multiple sources to different points.

How could an analyst interpret all that information at once? As artificial intelligence applies to reason to data, it can do the same as an analyst, but on a much larger scale.

Soon, many businesses will have to start using artificial intelligence.

The changes and improvements that A.I offers business will be positive, and accepting it as soon as possible will give a tremendous competitive advantage to one’s business. An app development company can help with mobile applications that will enable your brand to manage its business effortlessly.

Artificial Intelligence application in Different Industries

AI is developing at a staggering pace. Gartner (an IT research firm) estimates that one-third of jobs will soon be replaced by smart machines and robots and Google estimates robots will attain the level of the intelligence of human by 2029. Most experts believe that artificial intelligence will augment existing jobs and new jobs rather than displace humans from their jobs. The future is clear, no matter the outlook: over the next few decades, artificial intelligence will continue to play a growing role in most people’s lives by performing tasks and jobs around human. The application of AI in different sectors helps in effortlessly carrying out a task that was once perceived to be cumbersome. The application of AI can be made easy by asking an app development company to include the necessary features in your business app.

The following are some of the major industries that seem to benefit from artificial intelligence:


The financial services industry was one of the first commercial sectors to execute artificial intelligence in its business to make decisions, such as natural language processing, data and text analysis, semantic technologies and machine learning.

Artificial intelligence was sought to help meet the high demand for information in the face of the rapid increase in financial data. This is because humans have been defeated by robots regarding speed since robots can use their predictive systems and market data to forecast trends in the stock market and also the management of finances.

An interesting fact about AI is that even financial advice is automated when the robot-adviser automatically carries out the advice to clients, especially those who have relatively simple financial problems, on issues related to spending, saving or investing. Many of the apps developed by an app development company have made the banking sector key into the use of AI to improve customer service.

Technology market

The technological community has gained momentum with artificial intelligence as a solution to complex problems. Some of the companies compete to transform the transport of vehicles with autonomous vehicles, which do not require a driver, reduce the possible risk of accidents, alleviate traffic congestion and reduce energy costs. All this means an important change, especially for the public transport industry.

Medicine and health

Pharmaceutical firms are making use of AI and are experiencing wondering outcome. The FDA approved its Sedasys system, which automatically administers anesthesia in standard procedures such as colonoscopies that make it possible for a doctor to monitor several machines at the same time allowing cost savings.

Another advance in the use of artificial intelligence in the health industry is the incorporation of a mobile phone application called AiCure, which tracks patients’ data and medication intake, especially during clinical trials, because most of the patients do not meet medical guidelines. The application registers people with sophisticated features such as facial recognition.

Government and defense

The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) has provided large funds for AI research in matters related to the development of new technologies for military use. Compared to their human counterparts, robots with artificial intelligence can travel through dangerous terrains, perform remote surgeries and execute surveillance missions that are beyond the field of vision of a human being. Due to the increase in cyber attacks, governments feel the need to improve cybersecurity by incorporating AI systems that can detect attacks before they occur.


Some businesses use automated customer service by providing a unique platform from AI where automatic texts are sent to customers, helping with responses to basic text questions. These robots mimic human speech patterns making them friendlier.

Other intriguing AI systems that have been developed for businesses include Celaton’sinSTREAM. It can read unstructured emails as they enter, understand the meaning and feeling, and capture key data for the customer relationship management system.

Industries, service providers, and consumers will see great changes in the years to come. There is a forecast of growth in the use of artificial intelligence, and both customers and companies should be able to make the smooth transition to be able to coexist, grow and thrive with robots.

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