Use Chatbots To Boost Your Social Media Marketing

Chatbots for Social Media can offer a company 24/7 support for their customers and do so without any human interaction from the company’s side. This can be a huge time saving factor. In this article, we take a look at how chatbots can be used to increase social engagement; thus also increasing brand awareness and boosting sales.

Chatbots For Social Media Engagement

There used to be a time when all business was conducted in a face-to-face situation. When a person wanted to purchase a product, they would have to visit a shop in their local area. If a person required advice on a particular topic, they would have to visit a particular shop or service center in their local area that could offer them such advice. The availability of such shops was often limited and, in many cases, a person would have to wait in long lines in order to obtain the information, products or services they required.

The way we do business has changed significantly since times like these. Today, we log on to the internet to find answers to any particular questions we may have. If you are looking for a product and cannot seem to find it in your local area (or are simply not willing to go out and find a shop that sells it), a simple search on the internet gives you the exact location on where to buy the product and you can even have the product delivered directly to your door.

While all of these advancements have made the lives of the average consumer much more convenient, we want to focus on a very specific element of businesses in this article — customer service and customer engagement. These areas are some of the most important aspects of a business in today’s world — the business with the best level of customer service and support often tend to gain the most customers. People are looking for companies that are able to give them the information they are looking for, answers to the questions they may be asking, and the authenticity they are looking for before choosing a brand to buy from.

The Role Of Social Media In Customer Service And Support

Small Biz Trends report that the very first social media service was launched in 1997. The service was named “Six Degrees” and provided some of the most basic features we still use today — such as the ability to have a profile, as well as to have friends on the network. As time went by, more and more social networks were released to the world, but only some of them survived. Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus are all excellent examples of the “big boys” in the social media network industry.

Chatbots for Social media networks grew significantly since the launch of the first example. During the earlier years of social media networking, these websites primarily served a purpose of connecting people together and allowing them to stay in touch with each other — even if they are living thousands of miles apart.

Today, however, we use social media networks for much more than to keep up with what our friends have been up to lately. Businesses, in particular, often turn to these networking websites to help them increase their brand awareness, establish more authority for their brand amongst their target audience, and to attract more buyers to their brand. These social networks also come in handy for certain internet marketing campaigns, such as micro influencer marketing, which refers to a campaign where a business utilizes a micro influencer in their industry to gain more customers.

How Chatbots Can Be Used To Boost Social Media Engagement

If you have been reading up on the latest advancements in methods to boost social media engagement, especially when it comes to delivering efficient customer support services to a brand’s followers on social networks, then you have probably read about “chatbots” before. Chatbots is a relatively new term used in the online business world. Even though the first mentions of this technology dates back to around 1966, as reported by Futurism, it was only in 2016 when chatbots were officially introduced to messaging platforms, such as Facebook Messenger.

With the launch of chatbots on numerous messaging platforms — and hundreds of companies now offering technologies that helps companies create their own chatbots for certain messaging platforms without having to know how to code — a large number of companies are able to increase their engagement on social media channels by offering more advanced, AI-based customer support services.

Chatbots offer a business the ability to allow customers to talk to a “virtual” representative, but, in reality, the customer is not talking to a real person, but rather to a bot that was created to mimic the way a customer support representative would talk to the customer.

According to Chatbots Magazine, the most significant benefit gained from implementing a chatbot in a company’s social media efforts is the fact that these bots help the company automate their entire customer service process. This also leads to a significant reduction in staffing costs — instead of hiring multiple customer service consultants, which can cost up to thousands of dollars each month — the business owner simply implements a chatbot into the messaging platforms their brand is active on, and then pay an affordable monthly fee to have this chatbot offer 24/7 customer service to the brand’s customers.

The fact that chatbots offer 24/7 customer service is not the only benefit that a business gains from utilizing this new technology. Chatbots also collect essential data from visitors who talks to the bot in order to find out information about particular topics.

In turn, the chatbot is able to provide the business owner with essential information about the individuals who were interested in their brand — this information can then be utilized in order to create more targeted advertising campaigns and to tailor the business in such a way that it better suits those who represent the majority of interested customers.

Getting started with chatbots is very easy and does not require any coding skills at all — in fact, many business owners have implemented a chatbot into their current social media marketing strategy without even hiring an extra developer to help them set up the technology.


The world has evolved significantly over just a couple of years. Today, there is no need to leave your own home — or even your coach — to buy a product or service you need. A couple of clicks on the internet, and you can have almost any product delivered to your doorstep. The internet has provided businesses with many advantages — including the ability to win over new customers by providing them with more advanced customer service features.

Chatbots, in particular, have recently gained a lot of popularity due to their convenient, ease-of-use and, of course, the fact that they offer a company’s customers 24/7 support without any human intervention from the company’s side. In this article, we’ve taken a quick look at how chatbots can be used to increase social engagement; thus also increasing brand awareness and boosting sales.

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