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In this workflow, you will see the best placements for your your agent. That would be setting up a your agent, integrate into a agent into a block labeled “Surprise Me”, place Surprise Me within your Chatbot Main Menu, use emojis and label it ?Surprise Me ?or something else fun and random and finally, watch the money roll in! Need help? Call us today!

You built a chatbot.

Users love it. They keep coming back, week after week. But time is money and you deserve some income for all the hard work you’ve put into building that amazing chatbot.

chatbot marketing

Making money is so easy using native ad placements.

But what’s the best way to monetize? Making money with Chatbots can be tricky as hell right?

Not anymore.

With you can monetize ?your chatbots using our no-code tools and services. Your users will love the sponsored content we show them. It is time to start cashing in on the conversation, let’s turn your chatbot into a Cashbot ?Others are making money with chatbots, why shouldn’t you? is here to help and to get you going we’ve recorded two new tutorials to help you get started!!

In this seven-minute tutorial we show you how to:

1. Set up a account.

2. Create a advertising agent.

3. Integrate your agent with a Chatfuel JSON Plug in.

4. Where to place that advertisement so it will generate high earnings without upsetting your users.

Hint: We make use of the default answer blocks here.

Next some creative placements. We’ve observed in the last 6 months users will enjoy interacting with ad agents when they’re placed in the persistent menu.

In this five minute tutorial, we show you the two best placements for your agent:

  1. Set up a ad agent.
  2. Integrate into your agent into a block labeled “Surprise Me”
  3. Place Surprise Me within your Chatbot Main Menu, use emojis and label it ?Surprise Me ?or something else fun and random. Your users will press this button often and when they do and click an ad from your agent…
  4. Watch the money roll in!


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