Choose The Best Languages To Develop Your Al Chatbot

Albeit, the majority of the programming dialects clarified above have a vigorous ability to fabricate the most advanced and amazing AI Chatbots, not every one of them similarly fits into different necessities. Normally, the determination of the language will, at last, rely on the undertaking highlights and requirements. Need help? Call us today!

For some time, Chatbots became the irreplaceable tools for the websites and apps to incorporate interactions most easily. Chatbots also helps websites dealing with an array of user concerns and user demands through conversational inputs. From guiding users to utilize a website and use contents to delivering customer service to conducting a customer survey and answering questions, Chatbots really do a lot for the websites and web users at large. There is no doubt that Chatbots now became an irreplaceable part of our digital communication.

Building a Chatbot equipped with the latest Artificial Intelligence (AI) is no longer difficult with so many developer-friendly tools and language options out there. When app developers are going to build a powerful AI Chatbot for their website or mobile app project, they need to choose a befitting language that meets their specific feature and UX requirements.

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Let us explain here seven programming language options to build AI-powered Chatbots.


Java is always a superb choice, given its capability to create high-level features. As an object-oriented programming language, the portability of Java makes it ideal for Chatbot development. With a lean and portable size, Java also offers an in-built garbage collection facility. Moreover, Java comes loaded with several great features to build AI-powered Chatbots. Most importantly, having been a popular language for decades Java boasts of a robust global community of developers ready to help you for getting rid of any problem you are stuck with. Some of the key features that make Java special include the following.

● Java is highly scalable.
● Java offers inbuilt garbage collection.
● Java is lean and highly portable.
● Java is excellent for easily coding algorithms with advanced features.


Clojure is a programming language used for general purposes and allows access to several Java frameworks with both type inference and hints for optional types. This language is considered as part of the Lisp family of language. Like the Lisp, it is also built with the “code as data” approach. The language besides running on JVM allows the developers to code an app with a chronological series of functions. Let’s have a look at some of the key highlights of Clojure.

● It offers very clean and precise code.
● Clojure offers multi-threaded and correct code thanks to a transactional memory system and a reactive agent system.
● It is considered easy to use because of the higher-order functions instead of the side-effect-based looping.


Python as of now is regarded as the most widely used programming language for building Chatbots, and it has been used across the vast majority of Chatbots as of now. This is simply because Python is equipped with AIML or Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, which makes it extremely easier to compose syntax for complex Chatbot features. Let’s have a look at the key positive aspects of Python for AI-powered Chatbot development.

● Python is used mainly for building all the conversational components hosted by the web server.
● Natural language processing (NLP) toolkit, which is a key element of intelligent chatbots is written by Python.
● Python is a versatile language with very simple syntax.
● Python also comes equipped with an extensive library to accomplish a variety of AI projects.
● Python allows strategic road mapping to evaluate the direction of a project.
● Highly modular and interactive code with high compatibility across multiple platforms is key advantages of Python.


When it comes to speed and performance, no other language can be as effective as C++. For AI based Chatbot development, this has come as an additional advantage. C++ is a very stable language that can quickly build a sophisticated app with Machine Learning and the development of the neural network. Let’s have a look at the key highlights of C++.

● It is the most performance-savvy programming language choice.
● All AI-powered Chatbot algorithms can be written fully with C++.
● C++ offers an unmatched high-level abstraction.
● When you need to go fast to complete a project C++ comes as the best choice.


When cost is one of your top considerations, PHP is a great choice. With PHP building chatbot is cheap as the language is completely open-source and extremely easy to use. Moreover, PHP is in use extensively for all sorts of web development projects with different complexity level and feature set. As a high-level scripting language, it can be used to build Chatbot at a much lower cost. Let’s have a look at the key highlights of PHP for Chatbot development.

● PHP is very fast scripting language compared to many others.
● With PHP, you get an extensive range of libraries available through APIs.
● PHP built Chatbot can run on all platforms as PHP is a language independent of all platforms.


Ruby is another powerful and high-level programming language that can really make your job of building Chatbot effortless and easy. As an object-oriented programming language, Ruby looks much similar to the Python as far as the ease of composing a syntax is considered. The language also comes well equipped with all the tools you require for building a sophisticated Chatbot.

● Ruby offers a robust range of quality libraries for all your Chatbot features.
● By treating every coding aspect as detailed articulation, Ruby ensures the superb performance of all functions.
● As an object-oriented Programming language, Ruby offers very clean and precise syntax.


Lisp is one of the oldest high-level programming languages that went through multi-layered evolution to become a highly efficient and dynamic language. Thanks to its dynamic properties, it has been widely used by developers to build intelligent and conversational Chatbots of all types. Let’s have a look at the key highlights of this language.

● Lisp has dynamic prototyping capabilities.
● It is also capable of processing various symbolic information intelligently.
● It is highly adaptive to specific issues and can be used to build bots for particular purposes.


Although, all of the programming languages explained above have a robust capacity to build the most sophisticated and powerful AI Chatbots, not all of them equally fits into various requirements. Naturally, the selection of the language will ultimately depend upon the project features and constraints.


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