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These web-based business brands are only a couple of the numerous previously embracing chatbots to achieve their intended interest group, assemble a superior brand nearness, give client administration, drive deals, and develop their business. Need help? Call us today!

It’s 2019, if you’re in the e-commerce space, messenger marketing is something you should definitely be taking seriously.

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What is Messenger Marketing?

The use of messaging or chat platforms to facilitate conversations with prospective or existing customers.

So instead of emailing newsletters, abandoned cart sequences or promotional material, you can now do this through instant messaging.

A huge advantage here is that a notification pops up onto your screen saying you’ve received a message. A lot of people receive too many emails every day and may not even get to yours.

This is a photo showing the number of my unopened emails (note the messenger and whats app icons)

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Unfortunately due to many factors such as better algorithms within the email to detect spam to people’s decreasing attention span, your perfectly crafted email sequence may just not be reaching people’s inboxes ( or heading straight to their Junk Folders). I’ve missed many an important email as a result of it being mislabeled as spam.

(I’m going to focus primarily on Facebook Messenger in this article, as it is currently the largest platform with 1.4 billion monthly users and 2.1 billion messages sent between businesses and customers every month)


How is Messenger changing the game?

Messenger allows you to have an automated conversation with your customers. Going by the popularity of chat platforms such as whats app and WeChat, this is where people are AND this is what they prefer. Think for a minute about yourself. When you’re talking to friends, family or your significant other do you spend most of your time on the phone, through email or what’s an app? I’m pretty sure most of you answered the latter.

The open and click-through rates ( CTR) are more statistics showing that people today, prefer messages over email.

In an experiment by HubSpot, done in late 2018, content delivered through Facebook Messenger had an average open rate of 80% and a click-through rate of 13 %. The same content was delivered through email and had an open rate of 33 % and a click rate of 2.1 %. This showed messenger to be far superior to email.

How YOUR business can benefit

Abandoned carts are something every e-commerce store owner has to deal with and manage Maybe you’ve crafted perfectly timed emails to go out to potential customers. Now imagine 80% of people would actually see those messages and 13% clicked on them and completed their checkout: what would that do for your business? The potential difference in revenue can be huge.

There are app developers that are jumping onto the messenger bandwagon, and one that all shop owners should have a look at is ShopMessage. I’ve used it in my own business and the results have been outstanding. I no longer have to wait until people add in their email address at checkout, as soon as someone adds an item to their cart and doesn’t purchase I can send them an automated message as a reminder straight through messenger.

You can also segment your audience, just as you do your email list. Is someone buying from a particular category often? Maybe your customers live in different hemispheres. Deliver them exactly what they need. For eg, if you sell children’s clothes, if you saw a customer was interested in girls dresses, show them your new dress collections.

A great idea, especially for holidays and special occasions is to create a gift guide for your store. With Mother’s Day coming up, you can deliver ideas for gifts straight to their inbox and make their shopping a little easier.

Messenger allows for a completely personal and customized shopping experience. With the increasing number of online stores, getting into messenger marketing early on will give you a huge competitive advantage and may make all the difference to the future of your business.

If you’re interested in finding out more you can contact me on sanusha@thebotvirtuosos.com. We specialize in Messenger Marketing and Sales Funnels.

We also have a free FB group helping businesses with their social media, you can find us here https://bit.ly/2OqzSgw

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