How Chatbots Can Boost Your Marketing Strategy In 2019?


Chatbots can give those clients the pertinent data about that specific item they’re hoping to purchase and on the off chance that they get it in the blink of an eye, the more shots are there to move them down to the pipe. Needs help? Call us today!

Gone are the days, when we used to wait for hours for meager replies by the customer support team. I take full command that Chatbots is the bright future of tomorrow. At least, being an entrepreneur myself, I’m opting this for my business as well.

I’m not at all saying that other mediums of communication and getting connected with brands is out-dated but Chatbots is much resourceful and opting solution in this competitive era.

We’ve other mediums to communicate with the companies these days to get our queries solved instantly and Chatbots are one of those.

Be it that, if your business is launching a new set of products and thereby want to spread the word among your target market, Chatbots is the best option for it.

Anyways, the bottom line is that Chatbots can help you in several ways. I’ve mentioned below to give your Marketing Strategy a boost.

1. Reduce Replying Time

I was once using an app and chatting to a bot, I asked a question “What language is used to develop AI programs?”

The bot instantly replied, “AIML” and I had my query solved.

That’s why chatbots are my personal favorite.

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They don’t consume a lot of time to help you and give instant replies. Even if you need help at midnight, they’re available.

Report says, if you don’t respond to a new customer in the first five minutes which may not be possible manually if you have a huge number of them, you decrease chances of converting them into leads by 400%.

So, having a chatbot to do the answering job for you can save your time which lets you focus on other valuable work.

2. Improved customer support

What do you prefer for talking to a company? Textual methods or a call?

Honestly, I prefer messaging them and with 56% others where 73% of people prefer talking to a company over live email chat.

Chatbots help your customers by providing dynamic and personalized information through conversation. Whenever a customer visits your site or goes through your social media pages he can find information by chatting to a bot.

Rather than reading a boring and long blog about a product, a visitor can easily talk to a bot and get the relevant information, It’s easy and convenient even for an introvert like me.

3. Lessen’s Your Team’s Burden

It’s terrible when you’ve to answer 1000 questions a day and even worse if the majority of them are identical.

Letting a chatbot do the job for you is easy and reduces pressure on your team.

You can build a bot for solving the common issues your customers face and thereby let your team focus on the complex ones.

4. Building Your Contact List

Chatbots also help you build your contact lists and increases your opportunities to send information, news, and updates on more frequent platforms.

Instead of collecting information only from those who’ve clicked the CTAs, they collect data from every user who engages with them, though they provide them better information about their requirements, it eventually helps companies to refine qualified leads and convert them into customers.

5. Selling Products or Services

It can also help your company to sell your products and services in a better way, 53% of people prefer buying products from the companies they can message.

Chatbots can give those customers the relevant information about that particular product they’re looking to buy and if they get it in no time, the more chances are there to move them down to the funnel.


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