How To Grow Your Messenger Subscriber In 11 Days?


Finding out about Facebook Messenger showcasing and becoming your Facebook Messenger supporters rundown ought to be one of the top things on your plan for the day as an entrepreneur or advertiser. Facebook Messenger is utilized by over 1.3 billion individuals consistently around the world, and Facebook Messenger advertising has been announcing the absolute most noteworthy open and navigate rates advertisers have ever observed. Need help? Call us today!

In this article, I want to share how I helped a startup achieve 11,000+ Messenger subscribers and a huge ROI from a Messenger marketing campaign.

If there’s anything that business owners can agree on, it’s that you must approach your customers in the places where they’re already hanging out, but I’m still shocked by the amount of people who are still unaware of the full potential in Messenger marketing.

In a nutshell, Messenger Marketing is set to become the world’s single biggest marketing channel within the next few years.

With average open rates of 90%, it’s certainly taking over email marketing and SMS. It’s the quickest, easiest and most convenient way to reach someone.

What is Messenger marketing?

Messenger marketing allows brands to communicate with their customers through FaceBook’s Messenger app. It opens up many different doors to connect with your audience.

Messenger Marketing is a channel that, when used correctly, opens up infinite doors of communication and engagement with your audience, in turn driving more leads and sales. — ManyChat

With Messenger marketing, you can both communicate with your customers by creating auto responders to your customer enquiries, whilst also sending out broadcast’s (Messages) to those who are subscribed to your Messenger marketing list.

You can even send an auto response Message, as your FaceBook page to comments left by your customers on specific posts, to get your users to opt into a Messenger funnel.

Why is it growing so quickly?

Typically, brands tend to move toward the communication channels that consumers are already using, and with 1.3 billion users on Messenger, it would seem a good idea for a brand to start utilizing this, right?!

The trend won’t be stopping anytime soon! Here’s the estimated growth of Messaging apps, over the next several years:

Reaching 11K subscribers

I recently worked with a startup brand in NYC, who had a limited budget, but wanted to growth hack and achieve a huge audience. I decided to use them as a guinea pig and developed a Messenger marketing funnel for a FaceBook campaign. Within 11 days the brand built a Messenger subscriber list of 11,507 people….

But How did I achieve this?

I started with the basics, identifying what consumers really wanted from the brand, and I soon discovered the potential and demand behind their product so a couple of giveaway’s made sense.

I firstly created a Messenger + Chatbot funnel, which auto responded to anyone who left a comment on the giveaway post.

To enter the giveaway, you needed to tag two friends. When you tagged two friends, the page automatically messaged the user with a thank you message.

I then created multiple FaceBook ads to drive as many people as possible into the giveaway. Within the first few days, we reached a total 1,382 subscribers, from 1405 comments.

I then came up with the idea that completely changed everything for the client…

I broadcasted to all of the subscribers that we achieved with a message telling them that sharing the giveaway through Messenger will land them an extra chance of winning. This quickly escalated into the brand building a total subscriber list of 11,500+ people in just over a week, as we had a constant stream of subscribers coming in from the ads, organic discovery and Messenger shares.

The brand is able to reach out to 11,500 people now, all through Messenger at once. This is huge for a startup, as they’re able to drive instant traffic to their site and achieve new sales.

The list of subscribers grew so quickly, and I measured that most of this success came from users sharing the Messenger link, and opting into the giveaway.

I now implement similar strategies with all of the clients that I work with at airTeam, it’s certainly helping our clients achieve far better results than just generic paid ads. I’m even thinking about ditching email marketing in a few months, and instead moving our customers to Messenger marketing only. For me, Messenger marketing is now a no brainer!

Give me an email if you’re interested in finding out how Messenger marketing can work with your company, I’m always happy to advise:

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