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As we increment the utilization of chatbots in our own lives, we will hope to utilise them in the work environment to help us with things like securing new positions, noting every now and again asked HR related inquiries or notwithstanding accepting instructing and coaching. Chatbots digitise HR forms and empower representatives to get to HR arrangements from anyplace. Need help? Call us today!


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Try visiting a prominent website today and you will be welcomed with pop-ups that offer to “chat with us” or invite us to know more about the company and their offerings by indulging in conversations with their localised AI-powered bots. These are more commonly known as Chatbots.

These AI marvels are a technological feat that possesses the power to disrupt the market and take over countless tasks that currently require human intervention.

Ironically, that also includes the cumbersome yet crucial process of Human Resource Management. Yes! Various reports and their underlying stats supported by studies believe that chatbots will be all the rage in marketing by 2020.

Human Resource refers to the people working for a particular organisation as well as the department responsible for the efficient management and development of employees in the organisation.

It includes but is not limited to :

  • Recruiting and staffing
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Training and learning
  • Labour and employee relations
  • Organisation development

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Chatbots offer unlimited functionalities and infinite scope in terms of Human Resource processes. The core of Human Resources lies in communication and Chatbots were invented for the very purpose of interaction, be it with probable consumers or employees.

No wonder why companies are striving hard to introduce and establish the role of Chatbots for Human Resource processes.

There are countless reasons that highlight the role of Chatbots in improving the Human Resource Management scene of organisations throughout the world :

  • Chatbots are going to save companies a ton of money in HR processes. Estimates by a company called Juniper put these estimates at around $8 billion dollars.
  • Chatbots, unlike humans, are not limited by time. They do not adhere to office hours or specific work timings. You can interact with a Chatbot any time of the day, from anywhere in the world.
  • Talking about time management brings out the topic of faster response time. While a human would take a considerable amount of time and effort to get back to employee queries, a chatbot could do so in a matter of seconds, thanks to a huge database of information stored in its system.
  • Recruitment processes form a big part of Human Resource Management and since many candidates get jitters while facing job interviews solely for the fear of facing a judgemental human, Chatbots can be great alternatives. They exude a friendly and helpful interface vibe and will be helpful in better engagements through questions that can be answered from the comfort of their homes and can later be judged by human recruiters.
  • Also related to recruitment processes is the relative easing of the burden from the shoulders of a human recruiter who won’t have to sit through countless interviews and candidates.
  • Prospective employees and candidates looking for information about the company, work profiles, FAQ’s can just interact with a Chatbot that can tirelessly answer all questions.
  • Feedback collection is an important process for any company but can get extremely tiring and uninteresting for the employees undertaking it. Chatbots come to the rescue here by regularly collecting feedback’s from employees.
  • Chatbots can offer multi-language support that eases interaction with employees coming from different places and even imbibes a sense of connection.
  • No matter how trained a human recruiter gets, there will always be scope for unprofessional bias errors which get eliminated by using Chatbots.
  • Moreover, a candidate is more likely to spill their beans while chatting comfortably with a chatbot than indulging in the nervous face to face interactions with a human sitting in front of them.
  • Collecting employee data is a complex process that comes with a great margin for errors. Chatbots can uncomplicated and simplify the process by collecting and processing the most relevant data.
  • Scheduling can be simplified by just talking to Chatbots anytime rather than a request through countless email exchanges or directly contacting relevant authorities.
  • Newly recruited employees can be trained through Chatbots. This offers a bigger scope of interaction than say, PowerPoint presentations or training through video sessions.

Internal communications are important for the proper working of any Human Resource department. The communication process cannot be as smooth when a lot of people are involved. Chatbots help to streamline internal communications within the departments and enable a constant flow of relevant ideas and information.

All these factors make Chatbots a future proof and error-free choice. No wonder why companies are striving hard to introduce and establish the role of Chatbots for Human Resource processes.

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