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At the point when a potential purchaser is searching for another spot to live or a vender is thinking about offloading his or her home, they need quick answers  for these shoppers, the idea of “reacting too fast”simply doesn’t exist. Need help? Call us today!

It’s 10:15pm on a Tuesday, your phone is on vibrate, but you feel the buzz in your pocket. You feel your heart pick up, you reach down to pull it out and look at the screen. You think to yourself ‘please let this be a hot lead interested in my new listing.’ Your eyes meet the screen, it’s an email — ‘Get a free Amazon Prime membership today…’ Your heart sinks, your frustrated and tired, you’ve done so much cold calling, door knocking and spent the rest of this months marketing budget on flyers for this new condo that you’ve listed, but you’re missing the key ingredient — leads. You pull out a chair and you sit down and think to yourself…’there has to be a better way to do this.’

I’m here to tell you there is. In fact, the solution is called Realtor.Chat, and it’s here to revolutionize your Real Estate Business. It’s here to change how you get listings, do your advertising and qualify your leads. Not to mention automate your lead follow-ups!

But let’s rewind for a minute…

Real Estate Agents all compete for one thing — leads. There’s an abundance of them out there, but in order to reach into that pool, a Realtor has to release the stigma that they need to capture them by means of outdated prospecting methods that all realtors used before them.

I’m talking about door-to-door canvassing, newsletters, flyers, mass email blasts, the works. The stuff doesn’t work anymore — some of the Real Estate agents reading this might say ‘ha! Liar, I make most of my sales from flyers.’ Well great, if you’re that small anomaly seeing some success from one of these methods in some niche market that you operate within then I’m glad it’s working out for you…but for the majority of Real Estate Agents, I know you’re nodding your head in agreement with me.

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Let me make one thing clear — if your business is based solely on referrals, then you do not have a business. Not having a predictable stream of new leads in the competitive Real Estate industry is the equivalent to opening an ice cream shop in the north pole. No one’s lining up

There’re too many things vying for our attention today both online and offline. The average attention span of a human in 2019 is 8 seconds. That almost guarantees you that no one has time to open an email from you and read about how the housing market is stabilized and in fact, condo values are seeing a 3.9% increase in the market…next!.

So you’re probably thinking — what are you getting at dude?? Well, first of all, I’m asking you to change your mindset around how you are and should be generating leads. Stop looking at what has worked in the past and lean into what is working now, what grabs the attention of your leads and gets them into your ecosystem. (Spoiler alert — I’m going to share this with you later in the article)

If you’re averse to technology and continue to resist it at all costs, stop reading this now and move on, because you won’t like what I have to say.

First — You need to start using online marketing methods. How does the old saying go — ‘The best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago, the second-best time is now.’ This rings true for marketing your business using technology.

The reason it’s so important is that there is so much data available online that allows you to target the exact leads you want to work with — You can’t create one generic ad, post, or flyer hoping that you have the right pantone colour and messaging that appeals to both the next generation millennial home buyer and also the 65-year-old baby boomer retiree. Those are two completely different demographics, with different needs, likes and goals. It’s important you treat them as such.

So where can you start? Start leveraging the biggest platforms available to you today… oh and guess what they’re all FREE! If you want results, you need to meet your leads where they’re already spending the majority of their time and that’s ONLINE.

You can’t just rely on Zillow, Realtor.com, MLS or other real estate platforms available to you today (this is not a knock on any of these platforms — I have no affiliation with any of them) — because everyone uses them, and while you may be getting some results with them, you’ll be getting a heck of a lot more using all the major social media platforms (Facebook, Instagram, YouTube), but if you’re only going to go all-in on one, a good starting point is Facebook…here’s why.

With 2.2 Billion Monthly Active Users and 1.4 Billion Daily Active Users, I guarantee you your target demographic lies within those numbers. Not to mention the Facebook’s Ad capabilities can allow you to target someone who lives in Nebraska, likes football, wears jeans on Thursday and buys lavender scented soap — you’d be surprised at how specific you can get with your Ad targeting when you’re setting up different Ads for buyer, seller and renter leads.

Now while Facebook is a predominantly pay-to-play platform these days, their targeting capabilities are incredible, and this is where you need to run more creative Ad sets that target different demographics. The reason being is that the motivations of a 28-year old millennial who likes avocado toast and brunch on Sundays is different from the 65-year old retired married couple that just wants to downsize to a peaceful neighbourhood. The beauty is that you can target both these demographics, with simple Ads, that appeal to the motivations of your target market. So, it’s important that you take this into consideration and make more creative that fits the target demographic that you are after.

But hold on — there’s another reason you need to leverage the power of Facebook and that lies within the Messenger Platform.

Here’s why you need to pay attention to Messenger…

The top 4-messaging apps just recently surpassed the top-4 social media apps in monthly active users….So what does that means?

(Click here to try a demo of Realtor.Chat and see how Realtors are using it!)

It means that more of the leads that you want to connect with are spending more of their time not just communicating with their friends and family on messaging platforms, but prefer to engage with brands and businesses there as well.

According to Twilio’s survey, 66% of consumers prefer communicating with brand representatives via messaging applications.

HubSpot Research found that 57% of consumers are interested in getting real-time answers from chatbots on a company website.

Platforms like Facebook Messenger, Whatsapp, KIK, Slack Telegram, the list goes on, are all modern-day messaging platforms (the biggest in North America being Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp, based on Monthly Active Users) and are all being used by consumers to communicate with their favourite brands and businesses.

So where does the benefit lie for a Real Estate Agent or Brokerage to use Facebook Messenger?

By implementing a Facebook Messenger Chatbot.

Now hold on for one second. Don’t let yourself be fooled in thinking that the word ‘chatbot’ reflects those annoying live agents that pop up on websites asking if you need any help….’we’re fine Karen, ill reach out to you if I need some assistance, but please just leave me alone.’ Those do exist, and they’re still around, but Messenger Chatbots transcend the live agent and in fact blow them out of the water.

Messenger Chatbots have changed the landscape when it comes to how Real Estate agents, interact, qualify and provide value to their leads.

I want to run you through a quick scenario…

Imagine this — You decide to run a Facebook ad targeting millennial’s for a new condo listing. The old way you tried to get leads for this listing was that you would run a Facebook Ad to get the lead to opt-in to your website or landing page so you could get their email address and follow up with them. Once they got to your landing page, you would hope they would fill in their information. If they came to your website, you would hope they would fill out a contact form (Notice how the operative word here is hope — it’s what a lot of Real Estate Agents do — Hope Marketing)

Then, you would retarget all of the leads that didn’t opt-in to a contact form, allowing you to spend MORE money retargeting them — Once again putting them through the same process, to which you still don’t get many leads.

Now — you managed to only get a couple of leads, you spent a whole boatload of money and none of your leads convert (at this point lots of Agents think to themselves…well let’s go back to offline methods that don’t convert)

Here’s a new picture I’m going to paint you. It’s a real example of how our Real Estate Agents who use Realtor.Chat generate predictable new leads every single month!

You run a ‘Facebook Messenger Ad’ — A Messenger Ad is simply a Facebook Ad, but the destination of where the leads that clicked on your ad end up in is actually a Messenger Chatbot…You’re Messenger Chatbot.

Example of a Messenger Ad showcasing a property listing, As soon as a lead clicks on the ad they become subscribed to the chatbot and they get the info about the listing. Source: Realtor.Chat

Now, the minute your lead clicked on your Ad for that listing, they automatically became subscribed to your Messenger Chatbot, meaning that 100% of the cold traffic that interacted with your ad became subscribed to your chatbot. This means no more landing page opt-ins, no more hoping your lead fills out the contact form on your website, no more ‘Hope Marketing.’

But wait! Let’s take this one step further. With Realtor.Chat, Realtors can now instantly qualify leads directly through the bot and ask them specific questions. This allows them to get vital information about their lead without any human interaction. It allows them to use the chatbot to do all the heavy lifting in the beginning and then follow up with their lead with this information in hand! This process puts Realtors who use this method miles ahead of Agents who rely on other outdated methods.

Example of the qualification information a Realtor can expect to get from a lead the minute they self qualify themselves in Realtor.Chat

What about follow-ups for leads that aren’t yet primed to buy??…I thought you would never ask!

The Realtor.Chat Bot provides Agents with 45 weeks of automated follow-up content for any type of lead — buyer, seller or renter. They will get the subsequent content related to their intention. (buying, selling, renting)

Example of the 15 weeks worth of automated follow-up messages that a lead who is subscribed to receiving information about ‘selling’ will get

Realtor.Chat and Facebook Messenger Chatbots are the single greatest asset a Real Estate Agent or a Brokerage can use to drive leads and market their business. It is so targeted and so precise and it drives a user experience that your leads and future clients actually want to use. The best part about it is that it’s not just another tool, it’s something you can already use in conjunction with your website and marketing platforms. That’s right, you can implement Realtor.Chat on your website, through Facebook, on Instagram, YouTube, your emails list, your online newsletter, and so on. It works everywhere for you!

Different mediums that a chatbot can exist on and tie all of your marketing platforms together!

At the end of the day, you want leads. You want a predictable stream of leads that allows you to predict deal flow for months even years to come. Imagine spending $122 to generate 100 leads for a single listing — in ONE WEEK. (This is an actual example of one of our Realtor.Chat clients)

Example of a Realtor who spent $1.22/lead and generated 100 leads in 7 days for one listing using Realtor.Chat

Realtor.Chat provides Real Estate Agents and Brokerages the infrastructure to be able to generate consistent leads, connect it to their existing online marketing methods, and land more deals every single month.

So there’s one question left. How long are you going to remain using outdated methods to secure bad leads?

Messenger Chatbots are here to change the Real Estate industry, in fact, they already are. Don’t sit on the sidelines and miss out…

If you’re interested in learning more about Realtor.Chat click here to see how Realtors are using this and try the FREE demo!)

Via: https://chatbotslife.com/chatbots-are-the-answer-to-real-estate-marketing-37e0315d8a4b

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