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The way to build deals and client steadfastness is by improving your client’s understanding. Clients are more intelligent today than they were five years prior and they anticipate that you should be capable at your interchanges with them. Need help? Call us today!

The popularity of artificial intelligence and chatbots in the digital marketing sphere has exploded over the past few years. Business Insider predicts that 80% of businesses will use chatbot automation by 2020, while the bot market is expected to reach $1.34 billion by 2024.

AI-powered chatbots are smart. They are usually integrated with CRM platforms, helping brands establish a unique brand image, build stronger relationships with customers, and provide highly personalized experiences.

Here is how chatbots can supercharge customer satisfaction.

1. Using Chatbots to Improve your Services

Research says that, after just one negative experience with your brand, 51% of customers will stop buying from you. Most of them won’t even inform you about their frustration.

This is something you need to prevent. Namely, your goal is to encourage customers to tell you what they feel about your brand. Don’t be afraid of negative reviews — this is how your customers are teaching you to improve your products and services.

This is exactly where chatbots can help, as they’re a gold mine of customer information. No matter whether they’re complaining about your products or asking for help, their interactions with your bot will help you learn more about them and identify the main pain points you should address.

Chatbots also give you an amazing opportunity to encourage your customers to share their feedback. For example, you can create a customer satisfaction survey and send it out via chatbot. Given that chatbots have high open rates, this will increase the exposure of your survey and encourage your customers to answer questions honestly in order to receive personalized offers.

2. Providing Multi-Channel Customer Support 24/7

Did you know that chat is a preferred customer support channel for Millennials? The reason for that is simple — a chatbot provides real-time customer support, increasing tech-savvy users’ experiences on multiple levels.

First, it is easy for customers to get the information they need. They just need to enter the search query and the bot will ask them additional questions in order to provide relevant answers.

Second, chatbots cater to mobile users, as well. Apart from text-based queries, your customers can also use voice commands and visual searches to find the desired information.

Third, chatbots are faster than other customer support channels. Irrespective of the time of day or your customers’ different time zones, they always provide instantaneous, real-time feedback.

Finally, bots support the entire customer journey, from the research phase to placing an order without leaving the app.

Lyft’s chatbot is a perfect example of spotless customer support. Searchers can use their Messenger bot, Slack bot, or Amazon Echo to request a ride. The bot will instantly send them the information about their driver, their current location, as well as send the photo of their license plate and car model. The Starbucks’ chatbot works in a similar way, allowing customers to find the desired product and order their favorite coffee instantly.

3. Personalizing Customer Experiences

Today’s customers don’t want to waste time on generic brand messaging and offers. They want brands to appreciate them as individuals and provide them with highly targeted offers. The SalesForce research backs me up on that, emphasizing that consumers are eager to share their personal data and even spend more money just to get relevant offers and deals.

Chatbots are a key element to personalizing customer experiences. For starters, the abovementioned methods of collecting customer data will help you learn more about them and tailor your approach to their needs. You could also use chatbots to directly ask your customers about their expectations, problems, and kinds of content they would like to receive. This way, you will be able to segment your audiences better, making sure that each customer group receives the content that really resonates with them.


4. Revealing the Human Side of your Brand

Humani: Jessie’s Story bot

Marvel’s Spiderman bot

National Geographic’s Einstein bot

These are all examples of how engaging and natural conversations with a chatbot can be. Namely, did you know that 63% of users won’t even understand that they’re talking to a bot?

However, to achieve this, you need to hire creative copywriters that will inject your brand’s ideas, values, and unique personality into your chatbot interactions. Here are a few simple steps to take to improve your chatbot conversations:

  • Give your bot a name. Instead of naming it after your company, give it a human name.
  • No matter if you’re hiring an in-house content writer or a digital agency, always ensure that they use the same tone of voice across all digital channels, including your chatbots. Make sure your bot’s language is simple and conversational to keep your customers engaged.
  • Test interactions and update the script continuously, as your business goals, offers, and customers will change over time.


Does this mean that chatbots are killing the traditional customer support jobs? No. While bots can be the first contact a customer has with your service department, make sure they can always reach a human representative if they need to. For that, a hybrid Agent+AI systems make sense where the Agent trains the AI during the operational process and the chatbot becomes smarter by every completed interaction. Chatbots are here to automate the repetitive aspects of customer support and provide seamless user experiences at every stage of a buyer journey. They let you learn more about your customers, provide highly targeted user experiences, and offer real-time feedback. This is also a great opportunity to humanize your brand presence, engage users through interactive narratives, and build stronger relationships with them.

How do you use chatbots to increase UX?

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