Reasons To Consider Chatbot For Small Businesses


Individuals and organizations will discover new and further developed methods for interfacing with and utilizing a chatbot. Starting at now, a chatbot may be equipped for controlling you about your Cox bill pay number or enlightening you concerning the different bundles. Needs help? Call us today!

A chatbot is a virtual assistant that facilitates communication between humans and machines. In fact, they are expected to revolutionize how business is done in every aspect.

Here are the reasons why your business should consider employing chatbots as well.

Always at Your Service

Unlike human beings who cannot be around 24/7, a chatbot can be at your service all day long. It does not need any breaks. It will answer all of your customers’ queries whenever they call. The thing is that the local shops or pharmacies might be open all day long. But big corporations have office timings. They do not entertain clients after that.

But imagine yourself stuck in a situation where you want to inquire about Cox package, for instance. It is 11 at night. Will the offices be open? No. Will you be able to contact a customer service rep? Most probably not. However, if a business makes use of chatbots, it will add to the benefit.

Effective Customer Connection

Businesses thrive to build strong relationships with their customers to create an unbreakable bond. Because it is the power of loyal customers that can make or break a business. In the past, businesses had to maintain these relationships through email marketing. This strategy was never a very effective way of attracting customers. And with passing time, the popularity of emails has dwindled further.

However, the practice of reaching out to the customers through a chatbox is gaining popularity and is liked by many. Although, there are a lot of similarities between email and chatbot marketing. But the ways that people interact with these two different modes of interacting are quite diverse. People are more comfortable and prefer chatbot to email marketing.

Endless Possibilities

Many of you would know how a chatbot functions. For those who don’t, a chatbot is a bunch of pre-defined responses and codes. However, you can program it in whatever way you like. This includes a list of many diverse tasks that a chatbot is capable of performing, including:

  • Sending important attachments to customers.
  • Sending catalogs.
  • Giving a link to an online map to a customer(s).

Small businesses can enjoy a great deal by using the service of a chatbot. As they will not have to spend money on human capital. The machine will do it all for them. Also, human resource will not have to address trivial matters. They can then focus their efforts and attention on more important and productive things.

Go Viral

Chatbots allow you the privilege of going viral without adopting the traditional ways of marketing. In fact, part of the chatbot marketing clout is that it can help you to increase sales. Thus, bringing in more revenue for your business.

The reason why people prefer it over email marketing is that it saves them the effort. The effort involved in opening an email, reading it and spending a good 2–3 minutes on understanding what it is all about. A chatbot makes the lives of individuals easy. It is frictionless. Which means that a visitor to your Facebook page or messenger will never have to leave his messenger to view your products or offerings.

In fact, he can opt to open a marketing message or learn about a new deal from your page or his messenger. This is a very convenient way of interaction.

More than JUST Chatting

If you think that a chatbot is all about chatting and interacting with your clients, you might want to reconsider. Because a chatbot is capable of performing more complex functions than just chatting. For example, you can allow a customer to book herself a slot for a massage at the spa using the facility of a chatbot. With superior AI chatbots, you can train complex machine learning algorithms and support companies with automated answer queries.

Not only this but if you happen to be a tech-related business, you can even perform complex mathematical functions via your chatbot. You can even allow your customers to get quotes and build orders using the diverse services that a chatbot can offer.

This all might not sound that attractive to you as of now. But wait for a couple of years. People and businesses will find new and more advanced ways of interacting with and making use of a chatbot. As of now, a chatbot might be capable of guiding you about your Cox bill pay number or telling you about the various packages. But with the passing time, you will see that this service is capable of doing much more.


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