8 Powerful Mantras For Chatbots Transforming Customer Experience

Chatbots are your future. They provide more engagement and the numerous sales which are required for any business. Chatbots Services are providing a complete transformation of customer experience. Need help? Call us today!

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As Christie Pitts, Verizon Ventures, has rightly quoted,

“Chatbots represent a new trend in how people access information, make decisions, and communicate”,

chatbots are revolutionizing the change in the interaction between the brands and the customers.

The positivity in changes is directly proportional to the increase in quality of chatbots.

According to research by Oracle, 80% of brands are planning to use chatbots by 2020 and a study by Ubisend claims that 35% of the consumers desire to see more companies using chatbots.

What is a chatbot?

With the help of a live chat interface, chatbots converse with humans. Thus chatbots are software that is used for the brand’s website or application or through platforms like Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Skype, and even Alexa.

What are the different categories of Chatbots?

Chatbots are classified as:

1. Simple Chatbots

When a customer posts its inquiry, simple chatbots simple scan the keywords from the query in order to deliver a pre-packaged answer.

For example:

User: Where is the store located in the USA?

The keyword here is the location in the USA. Therefore simple chatbot will display the answer as:

Simple Chatbot: The store is located in New York, USA.

2. AI Chatbots

AI Chatbots with a blend of Machine Learning (ML) use natural language processing (NLP) for creating responses that are comparatively complex. With flexibility in its pocket, AI Chatbots actively learn from the conversations and aid the customers in reaching their goals.

For example:

User: Where is the store located in the USA?

AI Chatbots: The store is located in New York, USA. It will snow in New York, keep yourself warm!

3. Hybrid Chatbot solutions with Agent+AI

Besides the advantages of AI Chatbots hybrid solutions offer also the security that no wrong answers will be sent out. Chatbots aren’t humans so they might fail if asked a complicated question that they have not learned before. For that, a hybrid Agent+AI solutions make sense where the Agent trains the AI during the operational process and the chatbot becomes smarter by every completed interaction.

The advantage of using AI-powered chatbots are:

1. Brand’s online presence

2. Acquiring customers’ information

3. Personalized Experience

What are the 8 Mantras to transform the customer experience via Chatbots?

Since using chatbots are pocket-friendly for the companies, the main winners are your customers. Here are the 8 mantras that aid in enhancing your customer experience:

1. Live Chats in a Seamless Manner

2. Customer Experience 24X7

3. Never-ending Queries, Negligible chance of sass

4. A sleek drive

5. Reduced Tensity

6. Say Good-bye to Interactive Voice Process (IVR)

7. Tailor and personalize your brand

8. Recreate your forms

Let us dig deep into the details.

1. Live Chats in a Seamless Manner:

Worried about the engagement factor? With chatbots, the customers engage in the same way as that in an online conversation with a live customer support representative.

Since chatbots make use of natural language processing, the customers’ questions are analyzed well and thus responses are delivered meeting the customers’ requirements.

Seamless integration is chatbots forte into the company’s website or smartphone apps. This saves a lot of time of the customers in searching company’s resources online for the answers they are in search of.

There is no time restriction for the customers for communicating over messaging apps like Whatsapp to their brands without quitting them.

2. Customer Experience 24X7

Being a human you will need 8 hours of sleep every day but your chatbot doesn’t.

You can’t predict when the need of customers arises. They can or can’t be during business hours. Therefore there is always a need for answers while your customer service executives are unavailable. Thus the existence of chatbots come into the picture.

With the help of chatbots, no questions of your customers remain unanswered and neither they have to wait for a response. The customers get a feeling of conversing with a live customer service executive.

3. Never-ending Queries, Negligible chance of sass

Some chatbots are specially made to mimic human-like conversations while others are developed just to replace humans from doing the repetitive task like database searches, calculations, and so on.

4. A Sleek Drive

Chatbots increases sales. How? Chatbots can pop up to any product page for providing additional information related to the product. Moreover, chatbots can be used to gather information. That information can be the items they desire to buy, shipping details, and so on.

5. Reduced Tensity

As per Help-shift, a chatbot developer, 94% of 2000+ respondents are anxious about calling up customer support. The traditional methods of customer support have a very less contribution in reducing the customer’s worry to reach a customer service branch.

This survey also gave a clear insight that customers would love to welcome chatbots for their specific set of needs.

The following advantages the customers outlined in support to their vote to the usage of chatbots:

1. Resolve issues online via a chatbot.

2. Reduces the time

3. Reduces the time to get an executive on the phone

4. Organize well the entire process

6. Say Good-bye to Interactive Voice Process (IVR)

The most voted complaints about the customer service are the IVR or interactive voice response systems during a phone call. They are highly organized and route to respective departments based on the customer’s response.

Chatbots on the other hand, simply make them realize that they are heard and understood and either they get responses based on previous situations or forwarded to a human representative.

7. Tailor and Personalize your brand

Chatbots are so flexible that they can communicate with customers at different levels. They become a key factor in providing information to the customer regarding their queries, sales, and account management.

Chatbots can also be styled as per essentials. They can be technical or friendly to humorous and critical. Such variations in chatbots aid in increasing engagement of the customer with your brand and thus enables coming back repeatedly.

8. Recreate your Forms

For acquiring customer’s data, filling the information in a form is the easiest way. But they are not catchy anymore. If the customer is not interested they will do it unwillingly.

A chatbot, on the other hand, helps in boosting energy.

As per David Cancel of Drift, “ Chatbots can acquire the same information that a form could have with a difference that you get without getting a load of scrolling a form with more than 10 fields.”

What are the benefits of using Chatbots in your business?

1. Make your presence feel on the messaging platforms.

2. The customer service is improved.

3. The customer engagement is increased.

4. The customer data is monitored.

5. Insights are gained.

6. An escalation in lead generation, qualification, and nurturing.

7. Approach to global markets is easier.

8. Cut on the Costs.

Wrapping Up!

Chatbots are your future. They are not only a mere replacement option but a wave of a technology revolution in customer service. They are providing more engagement and sales in numerous which are required for any business. Thus with the fulfillment of the goals, Chatbots Services are providing a complete transformation of customer experience.

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