The Important Role Of Artificial Intelligence In Chatbot Development


Man-made consciousness is the machines which are planned and modified in such a way, that they and think and act like a human. It moves toward becoming turns into the significant piece of our day by day life. Our life is changed by AI since this innovation is utilized in a wide zone of everyday administrations. Need help? Call us today!

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Since the time chatbots have entered the digital world. Every marketer is curious to use them as a major tool to daily interact with their customers. Some of them were quick enough to test the water, while others are still at the consideration stage.

You as a marketer might be at one of the stages of chatbot and its development. Waves of questions might hit you concerning chatbot development when you decide to implement one. Which elements to use, which ones to skip, which platform to use that has all resources, and other questions surrounding it.

Today, in this blog I would like to discuss an element that can make or break your chatbot development strategy. The element is Artificial Intelligence, commonly known as AI. This blog will answer the 3 most important questions regarding AI.

1. What is Artificial Intelligence?

2. Components of Artificial Intelligence

3. How Artificial Intelligence makes a difference?

What is Artificial Intelligence?
If you Google the meaning of Artificial Intelligence it says,
“The theory and development of computer systems able to perform tasks normally requiring human intelligence, such as visual perception, speech recognition, decision-making, and translation between languages.”

From the above definition, there are 3 keywords to focus on, and they are a computer system, perform tasks, and human intelligence.

These keywords breaks-down the definition to help us understand AI easily. In simple terms, AI helps the computer system/robot to perform an activity like a human.
Like a human? Yes.
What does even mean?

Look at the below conversation and guess which one looks more human-like?

Number 1, right?

Artificial Intelligence gives a human touch to every conversation chatbot strikes. The bot understands the user’s query and triggers an accurate response. The way humans are able to understand each other’s concern and give a response accordingly.

Components of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence uses two important elements that help the chatbot to strike accurate response.

· Machine Learning

Machine learning is an algorithm that helps the chatbot to learn from queries and the data provided by you during bot training. When a query triggered, Machine learning helps the bot to first monitor the past conversation it had with the user and give a response accordingly.


Natural Language Processing is popularly known as NLP, which provides assistance to the bot to understand and interpret the information closely. With NLP, you train your chatbot with various intents that the user will type during the conversation and these intents will streamline the response to the query. NLP works with different Intent & Entity.

How Artificial Intelligence makes a difference?

Let us first understand the difference between having a chatbot with AI and without AI.

From the above table we can conclude:

1. Chatbot with AI powers makes your bot capable and intelligent to answer complex queries. The interaction is engaging, conversational, and lively.

2. Chatbot learns from every conversation it has with the customers. It goes through the previous interaction to improve the current response. This activity helps to improve the efficiency of bot response. Plus, helps to understand your customer’s choices and preferences.

3. Smart interactions save customer’s time by helping them to find the right information and address their queries.

Here is a quick tip for you: Always train your chatbot with enough data. This will help them to strike meaningful conversations. Making the conversation look more natural than robotic.

Artificial intelligence has more to serve us as a technology. And chatbot is one of the aspects under it. A chatbot without AI is just a FAQ answering bot.

In this generation of smart buyers, we need to use smart tools to meet their level of expectancy. We as a chatbot development platform, are looking forward to what more AI chatbot technology has to unfold.


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