The Ultimate Guide To Grow Your Facebook Messenger Marketing

As should be obvious, there’s a ton of potential in Facebook Messenger showcasing for all sites. You should be increasingly versatile and adaptable. Facebook Messenger advertising is the future, you can’t stand to not grasp it. Need help? Call us today!

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So, what’s the most effective tactic to grow your business’s revenue?

If you are here, you must’ve already realized the importance of the emergence of Facebook Messenger Marketing.

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, all three platforms have been around for long now and hence are saturated and nearly impossible for being able to build an influencer brand today.

The news is that ‘the’ next platform that has immense potential of being able to build a brand from thin air today has to be Facebook Messenger.

Providing a unique channel to the fans and followers, Messenger enables them to establish direct contact with their favorite brands which further eliminated the need for any traditional customer support system.

Users that are incredibly receptive to chat-based marketing are increasingly using Messenger for their daily communications. And the businesses that choose to be the early adopters of this amazing and highly used channel are going to have some serious advantage over their competitors.

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In a report, Hootsuite states that according to the number of downloads Facebook Messenger is the top mobile app a close second being Facebook-app. Also, it reports that 1.47 billion people worldwide log in daily on Facebook, making it a whopping 66% of the users logging-in daily with just over a half of those checking in multiple times per day.

Is this Chatbot Automated Customer Support a Good Idea?

According to Grand View Research, Inc., the global chatbot market is expected to reach a $1.25 billion mark by the year 2025, growing at a CAGR of 24.3%.

The chatbot industry is expected to witness significant growth over the forecast period as they enable enterprises to substantially reduce operating costs.

Additionally, innovations in artificial intelligence and machine learning technologies are likely to enhance the features of chatbots, which acts as a major driver for the market.

In HubSpot’s The Ultimate List of Marketing Statistics for 2018, it is reported that 48% of the consumers surveyed would rather connect with a company via live chat than any other means of contact.

The same report further adds that 55% of the consumers are interested in interacting with a business using messaging apps to solve a problem. And about 57% of the consumers involved were very interested in chatbots for their instantaneity.

While you may or may not believe yet in this insanely growing trend but hard statistics show that most of them are backed up by the numbers.

If the numbers still haven’t convinced you, read this post on and you’ll know the why and how of the trend further.

Why Facebook Messenger is the Place to be for Businesses?

As we very well know by now that Facebook Messenger has gone on to become more than just another channel to talk with friends. It is quite a diverse marketing tool that is and must be used to grow a business or brand online.

Facebook Messenger’s chat-based marketing allows you to have individual conversations that connect on a personal level. Each message sent by you gets directly delivered into the person’s inbox rather than it being a passing note in a rolling feed where you can never calculate you noticed it.

A few more real deals that come with using Messenger as your marketing platform:

Higher Engagement Rate

As the data provided above in the post suggests- an audience that businesses want to target is hanging-out on Messenger. According to an Email Marketing Metrics Survey, emails only have a 21.3% open rate with 4/5th of the emails never getting open. In a marketing experiment by them, a campaign was sent to subscribers via both email and Messenger chatbot. The outcome was that the campaign using chatbot had a 12 times greater Click-through rate than email.

Lesser Friction than Email

Messenger boasts to provide a seamless user experience with very little friction in comparison with the friction that comes from using emails. Apart from having all those open loops that can be painful to sort and organize, emails also come with a constant threat of spam and viruses. Also, think about the amount of work required in the opening, reading and engaging with an email. Messenger has none of these built-in frictions. It is a safe and familiar place for the consumer.

Even Friendlier than SMS for Marketers

So, if not email marketing then what about SMS marketing? It’s simply because SMS is decidedly not marketer-friendly as it is very bare-bones. Your options to be able to insert images or videos are very limited. There isn’t any method available to hyperlink text; you’ll have to make do with long and ugly URLs. And to top it all SMS marketing usually costs too high.

Messenger is more Personal

You can get personal and interactive by creatively using Messenger. Every other traditional advertising channel is essentially a one-way communication and it isn’t much you can do to personalize it. But Messenger marketing totally changes that. It is just like communications should be — a two-way street.

Facebook Messenger Usage is Growing Rapidly

As numerous hard statistics mentioned above in the post suggest Messenger app usage is getting immensely popular with users getting added even right at this moment.

Some Updates on what to do to Grow your Business Using Facebook Messenger Marketing

By using Messenger bots you can not only have automated conversations with your leads, but also you can send them welcome messages, downloads, e-commerce messages such as abandoned cart notices, order receipts, and so on. Read on for what to do next to take your Facebook Messenger marketing to another level.

Build your Subscribers List

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Just as you would grow your email marketing list, the first and foremost step to be taken here is to build your subscribers list. With Messenger, it becomes a simpler process as opposing emails. By a prospective customer just sending a message to your business’s official page, they get automatically added to your list.

How to do that?

The best strategy here would be to mirror consumer behavior and target in accordance with that. Most of the businesses use Facebook Messenger on mobile to engage users and build their brand’s awareness and further re-engage these users through desktops and tablets as their secondary advertising.

You can also use Facebook post Autoresponder tools that allows your Messenger chatbot to message people who comment on your brand’s Facebook organic posts. You are already posting content on Facebook now you get an opportunity to turn people commenting on those posts into your business’s Messenger contact list.

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You can further boost these posts or promote content to new audiences and drive engagement. Each person commenting gets added to your list.

Attract More Followers with your Website Chat

Did you have any idea of the fact that you can use your brand’s website as a Messenger contact growth tool? Are you utilizing your website enough?

Using ZoConvert add Messenger website chat to your site and wait for people to contact you here becoming your Messenger contact as they do. Most up-to-date websites have chat boxes available if you noticed. These chat boxes are meant for you to be able to connect with an influencer and their business or to be able to find content on their website.

Messenger chat with a chatbot at the helm tends to function even better than live operator website chat as there exist no time-related problems with chatbot you see.

Using Messenger chat with a chatbot enables to get instant responses which you can with the chat history remaining persistent rather than disappearing as in live website chat.

It is a good idea to quickly install a Messenger widget on your brand’s site. So that when users click on it on your website, they get redirected to straight to the platform they’re most fond of using — Facebook Messenger.

It might seem to be an overwhelming idea to have the chat box installed. But with chatbots doing it all for you there isn’t any need to personally respond to messages throughout the day and can still build your contact list.

Send Updates to your Page Followers

So this method is able to witness an 8X better open rate than any other channel.

Chat blasting is increasingly becoming to be one of the best ways to be able to engage customers with your content and promotions. But what exactly is that blasting?

It is the sending of a mass message to all the contacts in your Messenger list — almost similar to an email blast campaign. When you need to update your clients, have a new blog post to share or just a special offer — chat blasting it to your Messenger contacts is bound to give you an open rate that will skyrocket your traffic as never before.

So, basically, this can be used for any type of content or reason. One key strategy that you should take from today’s marketing influencers is of releasing exclusive content on their chat blasts. This is a powerful strategy in bringing users from other platforms into your Messenger contacts as the content will solely be available on Messenger.

Use chat blasting essentially for most popular and exclusive of your content that provides users with some incentive to be your brand’s follower.

Stay in Touch Always on Auto-Pilot

Your marketing strategy has to resolve this one thing — getting your audience to engage with you on a continuing basis. It’s true that making a user interested in following what you have to say one is already an almost mysterious phenomenon. But the idea remains of engaging them consistently.

Your audience is your business’s lifeblood and it becomes imperative for you to keep them engaged with amazing drip campaigns that you have a provision to schedule in advance and deliver content in better ways.

Use these drip campaigns to offer dynamic content of high-value. This content can be hacks or blogs that your brand generally engages with on other platforms. Here, if they click on your content by clicking on the call-to-action (CTA) button you can send them with another follow-up message with more details and related topics to the original post they preferred.

The idea here is to gauge their interest and be able to determine what they see next through you that is enticing for them.

More Signups with Forms in Messenger

Events and promotions become of great importance for collecting sign-ups and contact information of new users. That’s because emails and contacts are directly proportional to selling, converting or building brand awareness.

Web forms usually aren’t received too well by people and thus tend to have disappointing conversion rates. People abandon them to never return without leaving a trace.

Messenger emerges as a great alternative to web forms when collecting information from the user. This happens because Messenger is designed to collect this very info in a highly natural-seeming style of conversation.


You can make these forms more appealing for information collecting process by incorporating button clicks and engaging conversational funnel. Using ZoConvert make this process as quick as a finger snap.

The Bottom Line

The unmatched engagement rates we’ve already discussed make Messenger the supreme candidate for marketing and businesses who want to move to the top fast and adopt first.

Facebook Messenger best seems like a mashup of social, mobile and instant messaging power, which is exactly the direction that marketing is going.

The last thing you want as a marketer is becoming antiquated — confused about why your old-school marketing techniques are working anymore. You need to be more adaptive and flexible. Facebook Messenger marketing is the future, you can’t afford to not embrace it.


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