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Artificial Intelligence is constantly updating and refining everything in the modern world. As technological advances are made AI has integrated further and further into all aspects of industry, business, and government. Both businesses and users now interact with the world in more personal ways unheard of twenty years ago.

However, AI is no longer limited to marketing and data analysis to understand consumer habits. Neither has it quite turned into the science fiction style robots that the term initially referred to. It has, however, begun to augment areas of our lives hitherto unthought of.

Here are five areas that AI is going to transform in the near future.


One of the most important issues facing businesses and users as the internet takes a central role in our lives is cybersecurity. As more of the world gets online, more security threats face us. Artificial Intelligence is now at the forefront of battling security threats. Everything from Spam filters to forecasting hacking incidents can be analyzed by AI integrated protocols and seek to find ways of combating potential threats.


In an increasingly IT-centric world, we can be forgiven for forgetting just reliant we continue to be on agriculture and farming. In fact, farming has become a lucrative business for those seeking to find applications for AI, and it has the potential to revolutionize how produce is made.

Firstly, integrating AI, smart monitors and edge technology, farmers can optimize how their stock is produced. AI can analyze soil quality, weather conditions, and potential organic threats. The data collected from these analyses can help to inform agricultural decisions such as crop choice and size.

Secondly, it helps farmers automate their farms and supply chains together into a coherent business. Supply and export is an important part of farming and fully automating aspects of it can help reduce costs and waste. This reduction in waste means that farmers can also reduce any potentially environmentally harmful practices.

Recruiting and Management

In the wider business world too, AI is making life a lot easier in terms of HR and personnel management. One resource which can make good use of AI’s data-sifting technology is recruiting. Recruiting managers can generate ideal employer characteristics, including skills, person specs, and ideal wage categories.

“In some industries competition for a job role can have a very high volume making first round recruitment very time consuming indeed,” writes Chris J Hicks, a tech blogger at Writinity and Researchpapersuk, “By allowing AI to browse through candidates for a job, recruitment not only becomes quicker but fairer in terms of finding the right candidate, not just sifting through those at the top of the pile.”

Beyond recruitment, AI can actually help line managers to maintain fair and effective team management methods. Targets and KPIs for direct reports can be input into team databases and analyzed for success criteria. AI can help to quickly identify potential performance issues as well as the potential for growth and development.

Customer service

A large area of business that is taking up elements of AI is the field of customer service. With so many service-based industries growing in the current climate, it’s hardly surprising that it is one of the biggest areas that has utilized machine learning to create a strategy and augment traditional methods.

A key area that has seen a lot of growth over the past couple of years is the emergence of chat-bots. The interactivity and intuition of chatbots has grown exponentially in recent years, and it is likely that human interaction and bot interaction will become virtually indistinguishable in times to come. This drives down running costs and gives global consumers 24-hour access to help and support. New Artificial Intelligence and Chatbot solutions from companies as for example e-bot7 offer hybrid Agent+AI ® technology. It is possible to increase efficiencies up to 80% and, furthermore automate the majority of all incoming queries


Finally, one of the most critical areas where AI promises to show development is in Healthcare. We’re already seeing medical equipment taking advantage of direct interfacing AI in monitoring levels, but it will also aid healthcare professionals in calculating optimal treatment administration.

Through machine learning, the field of medical research will likely face an acceleration in development. AI can help to advance research through pattern analysis in areas such as immunotherapy and health risks.

“Crucially, as AI becomes more affordable,” says Casey Conway, a tech writer at Draft beyond and Lastminutewriting, “developing countries will soon find it easier to access advanced healthcare, meaning global health needs can be met with greater ease.”


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