What is a Chatbot and How it is Changing the way of Doing Business?


Chatbots are what’s to come. Everybody ought to be set up to coordinate into their organization. With such a large number of chatbot stages, it has turned out to be extremely simple to assemble a bot. Needs help? Call us today!

A chatbot is computer-programmed conversation interfaces integrated into the website or mobile platform (application), or in social messaging platforms such as Facebook or Whatsapp Messenger, to simulate a natural conversation with people in text or hearing. Chatbots have been around for half a century.

A programmed robot named “Eliza Chatbot” was used to simulate a psychotherapist in 1966. Chatbots now get more traction because of the consumer’s resulting behavior, where messenger apps are the first port of call for most conversations. It is a perfect platform for messaging apps as 7 out of the top 10 mobile applications are messaging applications and chatbots can dwell in messaging apps. Although Chatbot technology is still in its infancy and is used to answer quick quizzes, resolve complaints, conduct searches, etc., it can be effective mostly during fast messaging artificially by using intelligence, with a customized chatbot, you can set preset replies and feedbacks

Where can Chatbot’s be incorporated?

· Websites

· Mobile Applications

· Social Media platforms (Facebook Messenger)

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How are chatbots helpful for businesses?

There are many benefits of AI-based Chatbot’ or conventional Chatbot’s. They are the most innovative Chatbot’s as they are capable of learning by themselves. As a leading Chatbot provider, we can list a few benefits and they are as follows:

· Enables Instant Customer Service

· 24/7 services Available

· Enhances brand reputation and value

· Saves a huge amount of customer services cost and resources

· Helps to render a custom-made experience

· Capable of Multiple interactions with the natural interface at a time

· Ideally placed to fulfill customer needs and offer appropriate products and services

· Enable distribution of the Cognitive digital experience

· Capable of Self Developing (self-learning)

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Which Industries can gain most from a Chatbot?

The Chatbot can be used in any industry as it can handle multiple services such as customer service, complaints and comments, booking, search, payment processing, and so on. Therefore, Chatbot can perform a number of tasks in the following areas:

Banking: AI-based chatbots are completely secure and can perform banking transactions such as complaints and complaints handling, account information retrieval, personal assistant, ATM assistant (location), service assistant and bots. Trading in stocks etc.

E-Commerce: chatbots are used to manage payment transactions, custom product search, order tracking, and more on the eCommerce website.

Of course, the cognitive digital experience of the most advanced AI bots makes it relatively easier to speed up insurance processes, to advise and solve claims, to offer and sell insurance policies.

Health Care: In health care, response time can make the difference between life and death. Bots are used for medical applications such as healthcare, hospital navigator, online (virtual) emergency manager, and so on.

Travel and Hospitality: Travelers need information about hiking. A chatbot is a perfect channel for communicating with the user. A Chatbot can be used to manage travel plans, travel memories, local attractions, and more.

Chatbot Development Company

EvinceDev offers a complete cycle of Chatbot development services to transform the way organizations get connected with their customers and optimize communications. We as a Chatbot development company offer sophisticated and intelligent Chatbot solutions that can be used in a variety of areas including e-commerce, entertainment, customer service, delivery services, and healthcare. Our team of developers creates a chatbot or creates automated wizards that revolutionize the way companies interact with customers, provide automated customer support, and provide interactive experiences through the Chatbot platform.

With KI, NLP and Machine Learning technologies we offer complete Chatbot solutions for Facebook, Twitter, Slack, Kik, Microsoft and more. Whether you want to create Chatbot’s, discussion robots, IVR bots, online Chatbot’s, text bots or messaging robots, we offer differentiated services tailored to your needs.

We provide a comprehensive service in the design, development, and testing of intelligent-based and artificial intelligence-based intelligent Chatbot’s.

Chatbots are the future. Everyone should be prepared to integrate into their company. With so many chatbot platforms, it has become very easy to build a bot.


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