Why Merge Your Digital Marketing Strategy with Bots?


The need of great importance is to desert the customary and make proper acquaintance with innovation as bots. These propelled frameworks assume a crucial job in computerizing the real piece of the showcasing procedure. Things being what they are, what is the hang tight for? Welcome the change and witness incomes coming in for your business. Needs help? Call us today!

With automation establishing its roots deeper into the digital market, things are changing. And, one such change has been introduced in the form of bots. It has certainly added on the convenience by helping achieve more in less time. It can be said that bots will prove to be your new best friend in times of need.

That is something exactly what a business needs to do, i.e., offer a helping hand to its customers by automating basic tasks. With that done, a perfect digital marketing strategy would be built, which is less likely to fade with time.

Understanding The Bot Concept

Imagine you being a parent! From baby steps to them being ready for the world; you teach them everything. But, there is a time when you have to let them do their own thing. The same is the case with bots. You program the software with certain features, and then let them perform their own actions.

When you teach your child good things, they won’t commit any mistakes and make wise decisions. Likewise, if you program a bot efficiently, there are fewer chances of any error.

Why Include Bots in Digital Marketing Strategy?

Bots are gaining popularity day by day. And, as the businesses have started deploying the innovative technology, you can’t afford to lag behind. But, the question is; how will bots boost the digital marketing strategy? Well, here is the answer.

  1. An Understanding on What your Customers Want

A study on customer preference for messaging states that nearly 46 percent of people prefer text messaging over phone and email. So, why not take advantage of what users like? Equip your business bot to answer questions that are frequently asked in reference to your products or services.

It would surely be a cherry on the cake when the text messages and the responses are on time. Gladly, bots fit the bill and trigger real-time chat with the customers.


  • Make sure to sound human when designing the bot
  • Write questions in a language that goes well with your target audience
  • Give the bot a name and a related profile picture to make it look authenticated

2. Quality Leads are Everything that a Business Wants

Straying here and there without getting much in return, is a waste of time and resources for any business. If you have been working day and night to get those quality leads, you have been doing it entirely wrong. This is where you need to hold the hand of technology and introduce your business to bots.

The best way out is to integrate a bot with live chat, i.e., with a real official, whenever a user reaches a pre-set critical level in the sales funnel. In short, a bot can enlighten a customer and help them give what they want.


  • Make the bot communication look like you care for your customers
  • Design set of questions based on where the customer is in the sales funnel
  • Design an alert system so that a real executive can jump in to close the deal

3. If you are Selling Products, you are Making Profits

Bots can go as far as making your products sell on their own. In simple words, you can just sit back and relax while your yearly turnovers upsurge. Yes, the bot is capable of interacting with the customer in a fruitful manner. Even if the user is new to the website, a bot can help them decorate their table with the products they would simply love.

Do not believe it? H&M already uses a bot to sell items by suggesting shoppers with some awesome picks. It is a cool feature that gives a helping hand by reducing the scrolling time on the website.


  • Make your bot ask questions like age, gender, size or even style preferences
  • Do not build a bot that seems like you are forcing the customer to take an action
  • You could try merging a loyalty program with the bot to attract more users

4. A Flawless User Experience Measures Success of a Business

New research shows that there is over 71 percent of consumers who have a liking for personalized advertisements. After all, who does not like some extra attention? This further implies how providing a customized experience can take sales in the right direction.

If you have a misconception that it is a complex task to accommodate bots, then it would be a pleasure to prove you wrong. Bots can be programmed easily to collect data from the users before fetching them valuable suggestions. You would be surprised to know that CNN and Facebook are already utilizing their bots to offer unprecedented personalization.


  • Introduce quizzes or a series of questions to understand user preferences
  • Prefer asking users for their name for an improved individualized experience
  • Analyze what your competition is up to so that you can try something innovative

5. Getting into the Customers’ Mindset Has Never Been Easier

There are things that a customer is not comfortable in sharing with a real person. This is where a bot steps in to do the honors. This is a businesses’ best foot forward to make a customer transform into a loyal one. No matter how sensitive the information; a bot could be the confidante one can rely on.

In layman’s words, a business can not only find what a user wants but the reason behind it too. Moreover, bots also help gather and store data for future needs. This way, any user’s shopping patterns can be analyzed that, in turn, can lead to spot-on customization.


  • Make your bots sit on the driving seat, i.e., let the bots start a conversation
  • Make the tone of conversations casual so that a customer can feel comfortable and safe
  • Design the bots in a way that you can find the reason behind a certain answer

The Takeaway

If anyone tells you that automation does not hold much practical significance, tell them to try bots. It is the present and the future of AI that has the potential to make any business a success.

The need of the hour is to leave the traditional behind and say hello to technology in the form of bots. These advanced systems play a vital role in automating the major part of the marketing strategy. So, what is the wait for? Welcome the change and witness revenues rolling in for your business.


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