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Chatbots are the man-made brainpower that we as a whole have been sitting tight for. It can possibly improve the techniques for eCommerce and to make exchanges less complex. They have demonstrated that they are a phenomenal promoting apparatus which pulls in more clients. Need help? Call us today!

Chatbot development has turned out to be more than just a trend for modern eCommerce businesses. Online stores are constantly finding new ways to leverage AI-powered eCommerce chatbots to acquire leads, boost sales, and build customer loyalty. Requiring minimal investment of time and money, eCommerce chatbots are amazing as virtual salespersons, product specialists, and customer support reps. In this article, we’ll look at why they’re so effective at what they do, and why it makes sense for every eCommerce business to create a chatbot for its website.


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People like chatbots.

There’s no doubt about it — chat tools are more popular than smartphone apps. Apps may have been all the rage up until a few years ago, but since 2016, their download rates have seen a considerable drop across the board. People have less time to spare for lengthy browsing sessions. They want quick, on-demand responses and solutions — a development that aligns with the popularity of instant messaging as a mode of communication for social networking, shopping, banking, and practically every other service with a customer support component.

So what does this mean for eCommerce businesses? For starters, it means that shoppers arriving at any online store aren’t looking to spend much time there. In fact, they’re expecting to find a chat window where they can type their queries and get instant help with whatever they’re looking for. Talking to a chatbot tends to be quick, convenient, and intuitive. And the best chatbots for eCommerce websites are programmed with responses that are relevant enough to prompt shoppers to take action.

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Online chatbots are great at pitching offers.

With the emergence of eCommerce chatbots, ‘traditional’ marketing methods like promotional emails or ad campaigns are quickly becoming obsolete. And that’s because in the end, these emails and ad campaigns don’t create the sense of urgency that a chatbot can. Imagine that Larry, a shopper looking to buy spare parts for his trailer, has arrived at an online store for camping and caravanning gear. After spending some time on the site and asking the site’s chatbot about certain parts and products that he’s interested in, he considers heading to a few other online stores to check out their prices. This is when the chatbot steps in with an offer.

Chatbot: “Flash sale alert! You can save up to 30% on [Brand] trailer parts and accessories with this limited period offer. Use [Coupon Code] during checkout.”

Larry: “Is this applicable on [Brand] trailer jacks?”

Chatbot: “The offer is applicable on our complete [Brand] collection. You can check out all eligible products on this link.”

Larry: “What is the offer period?”

Chatbot: “This offer expires at 22:00 hrs today. If you need help with choosing a product, I’m happy to answer your questions.”

Such time-bound coupon codes have shown great results at prompting shoppers to buy something quickly. And these limited-period discounts get more traction when pitched by a chatbot while a potential customer is already on the website, than when they’re sent out via emails that can go unnoticed or unopened.

Ecommerce chatbots can upsell and cross-sell.

While we’re on the subject of chatbots pitching offers and discounts, we should also talk about up-selling and cross-selling. As an online shopping website, you already have information about your customers’ locations along with their browsing and purchase histories. This puts you in a position to recommend them related or more advanced products to up their chances of spending more money on your site. The best chatbots for eCommerce websites have up-selling and cross-selling as their key strengths.

Let’s continue Larry’s example, and imagine that he goes ahead and buys the trailer jack he was interested in. The next time he returns to the website, the chatbot can welcome him with something like:

Chatbot: “Hello! I hope you’re enjoying your last purchase ([Brand] trailer jack). Here are some of our other bestselling products that you may find interesting.”

Larry sees a curated list of trailer accessories and camping equipment, sorted by their customer ratings. Because these products are related to his last purchase and already shortlisted by the chatbot, there’s a good chance that he considers buying some of them. This is how chatbots cross-sell products.

Let’s consider another example, in which we’re back to when Larry was considering buying a trailer jack. Sample the message below:

Chatbot: “Since you’re interested in [Brand]’s [Model 1] trailer jack, you may also like the newer [Model 2], which is rated for larger caravans and has an additional warranty of 2 years. Here’s a side-by-side comparison of [Model 1] and [Model 2].

Through this message and the convenient product comparison, the chatbot is able to up-sell Larry a higher-priced product which may actually be better suited to his requirements.

‘Instant’ is the best kind of customer support.

The fact that customers are generally short on time doesn’t just affect their purchase decisions. Even in the matter of customer support, eCommerce businesses have to be ultra-quick with their responses to queries and complaints. A lot of these queries and complaints are received via social media channels, which means that eCommerce businesses have to be diligent about following up with their customers on social media.

Building chatbots is an efficient solution in this regard. Online chatbots that interact with users through messaging apps and social media channels can process large volumes of requests at once, leading to fewer irritable customers. In fact, surveys have shown that businesses that respond to customer queries on social media can boost their revenues by 20–40%. It’s a win-win situation, seeing as it costs next to nothing to create a chatbot for instant support.

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