Why Your Real Estate Business Needs a Facebook Messenger Chatbot


What might something like this be worth to your business?So you can see chatbots aren’t leaving, so it’s time your business became more acquainted with them somewhat better… Needs help? Call us today!

Running a real estate business is difficult even in the best housing market. But there is a way you can quickly increase your buyer and seller base with instant engagement around the clock, build loyalty, grow revenue and reduce overheads with your own 24/7 digital assistant — a Facebook Messenger chatbot. Most importantly, you can reach your clients, even when your office is closed.

Here are some of the benefits of having a Facebook Messenger chatbot:

Attract More Clients

Your digital assistant communicates with potential and existing clients on a messaging platform at a time that works for them.

Reduce Your Costs

With a 24/7 online assistant, you can manage buyer and seller queries and schedule appointment bookings without having to hire dedicated customer support.

Grow Your Revenue

Buyers and sellers can easily book new appointments, receive reminders, and take part in online promotions in a few clicks — so you can boost your revenue instantly.

This means you can increase your bookings 5–10 times without lifting a finger, increase your productivity 10 fold, and have a 97% reduction in lead acquisition cost, up to 400% increase in lead volume, and +50x return on investment.

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That deserves to be celebrated…

So, what exactly is a Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

Put simply, a chatbot is software to communicate with your customers inside messaging apps.

You can use chatbots to chat with customers and also nurture them to make a purchase.

Why Messenger?

Messenger is one of the world’s largest messaging apps, with more than100 billion messages sent every day on Messenger, WhatsApp, and Instagram collectively. Plus 20 billion messages are exchanged every month between people and businesses, and over 40 million monthly active businesses use Messenger to communicate with customers.

Facebook Messenger Marketing also gets 10–80x better engagement than email and the Facebook News Feed.

And your clients are on Facebook Messenger, so your real estate business should be too!

Building a Messenger Chatbot

It’s a pretty quick timeline to get your own Messenger chatbot. The process can take between 2 weeks to 6 weeks to build the bot and launch a Facebook Ad campaign to generate more leads.

The best chatbots will also have a strategy to nurture prospects, a lead magnet (like a free guide), a qualifying sequence to see where your buyers and sellers are in the path to purchase (or sell), as well as an appointment booking and reminder feature.

Why You Should Be Using Facebook Messenger Ads

Generally speaking, Facebook Ads connected to a Messenger bot do get many interested leads in the first 24 hours, which varies between 50–80 leads per day (depending on ad spend).

For real estate campaigns, I’ve had leads for as little as $2 each, and 67 leads in the first 24 hours. Plus, Facebook Messenger Ads are up to 30% lower cost per acquisitions (CPA) than regular Facebook Ads.

The success of your Facebook Ads relies on a number of factors, including:

  • Ad copy (the text)
  • Ad creative (the video or image)
  • The offer (if it is a compelling offer)
  • Your audience
  • Your ad spend per campaign or per day
  • How many different types of ads you are running
  • Automatic or manual bidding (how much you are paying to put your ads in front of your audience vs what your competitors are paying)

If any one of these is slightly off, you will have trouble generating leads that are quality leads.

Facebook Ads are a mixture of art (your creative) and science (your targeting, ad spend and the platform).

The Results When You Run a Facebook Messenger Ad for Your Real Estate Business

Here are the results from 2 real estate campaigns I’ve worked on:

  • 67 Leads in the first 24 hours at an average cost of $1.83 per lead, for an open house (sending interested parties to qualifying sequence after 5 days).
  • 57 Leads in a four-day campaign, at cost of $1.59 per lead for an open house (sending interested parties to qualifying sequence after 5 days).

Here are the results for the first campaign:

That’s pretty impressive results in just 24 hours!

Now you can nurture these prospects with information on the suburb, and send them to a qualifying sequence to pinpoint where they are in the buying cycle, their price point, and which suburbs they are interested in.

Best of all, because people think humans aren’t actually monitoring your chatbot, they are more likely to answer your qualifying questions!

With Messenger chatbots, you want quality leads not quantity.

I also worked on a campaign for a Holiday Park to encourage more accommodation bookings for parents in a seaside town.

Here’s what the ad looked like…

And here’s how we created this campaign:

  1. We created the Messenger bot with a Kids Stay Free accommodation offer in less than a day, versus the weeks usually spent setting up complicated landing page funnels.
  2. We created a Facebook Ad that connected people to the chatbot, targeting families.
  3. When people clicked on the Facebook Ad, they started engaging with the chatbot, and we started capturing valuable data.
  4. We nurtured leads using Messenger and email with a 5-day sequence and a last-chance reminder to claim the offer.

The results…

  • 770 leads were generated at a cost of only $2.39 per lead
  • 51% of leads who entered the funnel went on to check availability and enquire about a booking
  • The client received 9X more bookings for their holiday villages compared to the same period last year, directly from this one campaign.

What would something like this be worth to your business?

So you can see chatbots aren’t going away, so it’s time your business got to know them a little better…


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