You need to know the 4 Signs to integrate chatbot to your website


These days, individuals are anxious to investigate new correspondence channels to converse with brands. But they don’t hope to have a profound discussion with people. They just need to get the data they need without pointless issue. Simulated intelligence fueled chatbots can impeccably live up to client’s desires of how client administration ought to really work. At the point when actualized well, chatbots can make client experience productive. Indeed, they are fit for settling 80% of the talk sessions.Remember that more than 33% of organizations that exist today won’t endure the following 10 years. Is it accurate to say that it isn’t time that you make a stride for your future?          Needs help? Call us today!

Why do we need to integrate chatbots to our business website?

The answer is very simple — Your customers do not want a loopy process to get answers to their simple questions. They do not want to search for a specific App and then search within the App or even browse through a set of pages on a website to look for the information.

Whereas, chatbots tend to answer questions even before the question is sent.

Sounds pretty amazing, right?

But does your business needs this amazing technology?

Here is a checklist that will show whether you need to integrate chatbot to your website or not.

#1 Is your business dealing with similar queries?

For any industry type, there will be some basic questions that every user generally asks about. To these specific questions, the same specific answers are required to be answered every time by the customer support team.

Deploying a chatbot on your business website to answers frequently asked question can reduce lag time for more customers and ensure significantly reduced time spent by the support team.

Chatbots can quickly answer the most commonly asked questions in seconds or even can direct to the right website page where the answer is present. This enhances the customer’s experience and helps save a lot of time and money since you do not need to hire a workforce round the clock.

#2 Do you sell stuff online?

Online shoppers expect to receive assistance within 5 minutes, otherwise, they head towards a competitor website or abandon a purchase.

Today’s web shoppers are too demanding!

They need support at every point of their purchase process.

83% of the shoppers require support during their online journey and that too quickly.

This is too much to handle, but AI-powered chatbots extend their reach in every phase of the shopping journey and offer ongoing support.

  • They reach out to potential customers with pro-active conversations through the most natural communication.
  • Send automated discount sequences and talk to users who do not tend to complete their purchase
  • Send personalized offers and build natural language product search based on a past conversation
  • Cut overall response time and automate customer queries with natural language.

#3 Is your target audience millennial?

Fact — Millennials prefer to deal with customer service issues themselves, instead of engaging with people. It will be seen by 2020 that customers will use self-service options and chatbots.

While talking about chatbots, 60% of the millennials have already used them, 70% of those have a positive experience and half of the ones say they are interested in using them.

Brands are now taking notice of their customer preferences. They are incorporating chatbots in their system to engage with their customers directly without wasting any time, solving their queries quickly.

Digging deep into this let’s find out why chatbots are so appealing to millennial.

The answer is, chatbots are a perfect amalgamation of what millennials expect. It offers

  • Instant gratification
  • Connection & Convenience
  • Conversational engagement
  • An opportunity to engage with an upcoming technology

Millennials value speed and efficiency they are not used to waiting. And a chatbot caters very well to this by interacting with multiple people at the same time with very little response time. This could not be achieved through a traditional method.

#4 Does your business want to scale its operations?

“Chatbots can help scale up your business operations, unlike humans they do not have limitations.” — ChatMate

Where a customer support agent can handle only 1 conversation at a time, chatbots can operate with an upper limit.

By deploying chatbot solutions with your human workforce, your business can get the boost it requires to enter new markets.

Gartner predicts — “ By 2021 40% of new enterprise applications will include AI technologies. AI and Machine Learning promise to solve a plethora of problems faced by enterprises today, from better decision making to increased efficiencies and cost savings”

Chatbots can help you in aggregating your data and illustrating your customer experience journey in real-time, offering a visualization of and points out the knowledge gaps. Bots can also help in filling up these gaps and optimize where needed, bridging the differences between consumer and brands.

Nowadays, people are eager to explore new communication channels to talk to brands. And yet they do not expect to have a deep conversation with humans. They only want to get the information they need without unnecessary hassle. AI-powered chatbots can perfectly meet customer’s expectations of how customer service should actually operate. When implemented well, chatbots can make customer experience efficient. In fact, they are capable of resolving 80% of the chat sessions.Remember that more than one-third of businesses that exist today won’t survive the next 10 years. Isn’t it time that you take a step for your future?


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